Kongreya Star is a confederation for all women’s groups in Rojava. It organizes its ranks according to the ecological democratic paradigm that believes in women’s freedom. It seeks to develop a free Rojava, a democratic Syria, and a democratic Middle East by promoting women’s freedom and the concept of the democratic nation.



Kongreya Star is based on the voluntary union of democratic organizations, institutions and democratic individuals, that aim for freedom. It is a confederal women’s organization which organizes itself in the form of communes, assemblies, academies, cooperatives, foundations, associations, parties, etc


Each organization, union or committee that joins maintains its identity. It joins Kongreya Star based on principles of mutual responsibility and interconnection. Kongreya Star recognizes the statutes of the different organizations, unions, parts and committees. It operates according to the principles of radical democracy.


Kongreya Star is responsible for the coordination, implementation and supervision of the decisions and policies of different institutions, organizations and canton assemblies.


Kongreya Star is flexible and embraces diversity and democratic participation.


Kongreya Star understands how politics relates to the society, and to women in particular. It has established women’s organizations according to the democratic confederation principle. Kongreya Star is an autonomous organization within the autonomous administrative system. Kongreya Star plays a leading role in the development of the autonomous management system on the principle of the equal participation. All female members of the autonomous management system are also members of Kongreya Star. In all areas, the woman’s will to take decisions belongs to the woman herself. Each organizational unit addresses Kongreya Star in every matter that concerns women and reveals the organized women’s will in the fields of politics, society, culture, environmental protection, economics, diplomacy, self-defense, education, health and problem-solving (Mala Jinê).
It ensures that women participate in all social activities, according to principles of equal participation. Kongreya Star put a big emphasis in securing an ideological community, which means to strengthen the moral values of the society and its principles of acceptance and rejection. It aims to establish a political and basic democratic society; in which everybody takes part in decisions as well as in carrying their responsibility. This includes all parts of the society in Rojava: According to the principle of ‘Democratic Nation’, people from all different nations, religions, genders and ages participate with their own identity in a basic democratic system. The variety of identities and their special characteristics is regarded as richness and fertilizing the eco-system of society. No identity is allowed to oppress others or to consider itself better. Instead all the identities exist parallel with equal value and interact with each other.
Kongreya Star takes the development. It takes the development of a revolution in the women’s and all peoples’ freedom throughout the Middle East as its basic goal, predicated on the development of such a revolution in Rojava and Syria. It struggles against the existing family structure based on male power, and sees the democratic family based on a free union and a common will between both genders as its goal. Kongreya Star was at the forefront of highlighting free society dependent on free life and free union. Self- defense is considered to be an existential and fateful principle, as it protects and advances moral and political values in society. Because of this, Kongreya Star is developing and promoting women’s self- defense in every field and activity, so that women can protect themselves in the face of various attacks.
Women’s involvement in democratic and participatory economics is also promoted. Kongreya Star recognizes the free democratic organizations of all the different peoples, religions, and cultures of Northern Syria. It allows different individuals and social groups to organize themselves according to their needs, and to participate in society as part of the moral and political community. It actively struggles against authoritarianism in all its forms. Kongreya Star was the first organization to transform the democratic self- administration model which appeared in Rojava into a means by which women could create a democratic Syria, and to protect and develop the gains of all peoples in Syria.