WE ESTABLISHED WE ESTABLISHED this committee in order to bring women back to the diplomatic arena; to spread civil peace, dialogue, and communication in society; to organize and develop women’s diplomacy based on democratic nation theory; to build strong relations between the peoples of Syria, based on solidarity and peace; and to spread the ideology of women’s freedom and knowledge of their true identity.
The Diplomatic Relations Center of Kongreya Star was established in 2012. As its work expanded, a central office was opened on November 11th, 2013. Through that office, committees were formed in different cities and provinces. The aim of forming these committees in the provinces was to develop women’s diplomatic capacity across all of society by developing relationships with women’s organizations and with all relevant groups inside and outside of Rojava. The committee has done significant internal and external work in order challenge contradictions and international intolerance.

Democratic nation diplomacy serves the cause of peace and intellectual exchange among societies, opposes wars, and expresses a noble moral and political function. It plays an important role in developing and enabling continuity of mutually beneficial phases, and promotes relations between neighboring peoples and relative groups in particular. - Abdullah Öcalan

Diplomacy exists since the first communications between different social and cultural groups of humans, which established common agreements and friendship arrangements in order to achieve mutual benefit and peace. Nevertheless, in the process of development of a patriarchal system based on relations of domination and oppression, the character of diplomacy changed. The system of modern nation-states, however, has turned diplomacy into a means by which powerful states could achieve political and economic gains, consolidate their interests, and force poor countries into subservience.

Throughout history, women have played a major role in diplomacy, in achieving equality and justice between groups, and in ending wars and achieving international peace. This is clearly reflected in the history of the resolution of the earliest tribal and social disputes. There are many examples, like that of Adela Jaff Khanum, the first clan leader, who governed the biggest tribe in the Zagros region from 1909 to 1924. Modern capitalism and nation-states, however, have fought to marginalize the creative role of women in this work.


The committee reached out to all of the people of Rojava and Northern Syria, as well as to women’s organizations, independent personalities, and political parties. Through these meetings, the diplomatic field was introduced to all parts of our society, and was developed according to our society’s needs. We also established partnerships with many organizations.

The women of the Kongreya Star have worked according to the principles and philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan, who we consider as our revolutionary guide in theory and practice. Kongreya Star is based on the ideology of Democratic Confederalism and the democratic and ecological society which is based on women’s freedom.

According to this principle, as women we have united women’s abilities, solved our problems, trained and organized ourselves in society, and secured a democratic future that guarantees women’s rights and freedom. Kongreya Star has formed committees in different parts of Rojava to communicate with women within the Diplomatic Relations Committee and developed relationships between the members of all components of society.


The committee held its first conference on March 1st, 2017, under the slogan “free women’s diplomacy is the basis of the democratic nation.” One hundred women participated in the two-day conference. Its main objective was to work more closely on developing relationships with women’s organizations in the Middle East and the world, in order to support women’s struggles globally.


The Diplomatic Relations Committee of Kongreya Star has worked with women from the Middle East and around the world through participation in several international forums. Delegations and women’s organizations from other countries and backgrounds have visited Kongreya Star to learn about the women’s struggle in Rojava by Kurdish women as well as women from different identities and mechanisms of women’s self-organization. The committee has also worked to convey the represented Abdullah Ocalan’s philosophy to the world and to claim his freedom as a mission that diplomatic women should spread widely. Women’s diplomatic initiatives in Rojava have developed worldwide through:


In order to convey the women’s struggle in Rojava, which struggles against both capitalism and retrograde male violence, they have participated in actions such as Global Peace Day, International Day of Violence Against Women and March 8th (International Women’s Day). The Kurdish women’s experience in Rojava was taken as a model for women in Syria. This is a victory for Kurdish women’s efforts, for the cause of peace, and for the Syrian people.


The Diplomatic Relations Committee joined a peacebuilding conference organized by the UN in Beirut betweena May 20th-22th, 2016. The Diplomatic Relations Committee joined a peacebuilding conference organized by the UN in Beirut betweena May 20th-22th, 2016. Syrian women from all backgrounds and representing all political viewpoints were invited to activate their role in the political process. Some of the most important decisions made by the conference were to separate the political file from the humanitarian file, and to involve all parties in negotiations. The Kurdish women’s experience in Rojava was taken as a model for women in Syria. This is a victory for Kurdish women’s efforts, for the cause of peace, and for the Syrian people.


This council is a delegation composed of 12 Syrian women, which aims to amplify women’s voices in peacemaking, put forward recommendations, and include all sectors of Syrian society. It is the only such council that has a viable pathway to the Geneva process and which includes members from all Syrian political backgrounds. Our diplomacy has achieved many gains and victories and built valuable relationships. Its mission is to define the Kurdish women’s struggle in Rojava, and to raise women’s voices globally.