Leader Zenobia Athro: Establishing YPJ is a message to enemies

The leader of the Beth Nahrin Women’s Protection Forces, Zenobia Athro, congratulated the eighth anniversary of the establishment of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), and said, “Its establishment was a message to the enemies that they will not harm women.”

On April 2, 2013, the first constitutive conference for the Women’s Protection Units was held in Derik, under the slogan “Organize yourselves in the YPJ, to ensure the victory of the revolution, and then the units were officially announced on April 4.

The leader of the Beth Nahrain Women’s Protection Forces, Zenobia Athro, congratulated the eighth anniversary of the founding of the units and said: “They are forces that were formed from all components.”

She added, “The units did not differentiate between any component of the Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs, so ISIS and the occupation army wanted to undermine it and destroy its entity.”

She indicated that the Syriac woman played her role within the units, and said: “In 2015, when ISIS mercenaries entered the Assyrian villages, kidnapped their women and displaced their people, the Women’s Protection Units defended the women, and fought ISIS and the YPG inflicted defeats on them.”

Zenobia Athro noted that the Syriac woman joined the military forces to prevent the recurrence of the massacres against the Syriac and Armenian people, stating, “The Syriac woman formed her military, political, social and economic entity.”

The leadership pointed to targeting women and committing crimes against them, explaining that they are not new, and went on to say: “Throughout history, various types of transgressions have been practiced on them, but today, through the establishment of a special army for women, it is a message sent to the enemies that they exist and that no one can harm them.”

The leader, Zenobia Athro, called in the conclusion of her speech, all women, to join hands, rally and join the Women’s Protection Units Beth Nahrin to stand against all threats.

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