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Kongra Star: 2021 Newroz would create ground for liberation

The Kongra Star Coordination expressed congratulations to all peoples and martyrs’ families on the Newroz Day, saying that this year’s would lay the foundations for the liberation of all occupied territories from the Turkish Occupation Forces all via the will of women.

Marking the Newroz Day, 2021, a statement was released by the Kongra Star Coordination to the public opinion reads as follows:

” First of all, we express our heartily wishes and congratulations to leader Abdullah Ocalan, all our people as well as martyrs relatives and our striving people and fighters held at jails and the Guerrilla Fighters on Mountains, on the day that connotes freedom, we bring into memory all Newroz Martyrs in the body of Mazlum Dogan and all freedom martyrs, as well as the brave resistance put up and the crushing victory attended on Mount Gara that broke the will of the Turkish enemy and proved that the will and fight of the Kurdish people would see light, we wish it to herald wellbeing on leader, the Kurdish people and others in the region, giving allegiance that was made to martyrs to proceed fighting until victory is clinched.

” the AKP represents the now Zahhak to whom our people as well Middle East’s ought to stand up to and increase fighting against fascism and intensify resistance on the way of freedom and democracy as Kawa the Smith did when igniting the Newroz Torch that incarnates now Mazlum Dogan who commenced revolution, that made Newroz an inspiration for all Rovava and North Eastern Syria peoples that continue fighting the in Newroz Day spirit, the day on which all Kurdish tribes and people  united with Arabs, Syriacs, Turkomen, Chechens and others for the attain victory to revolution, that gives us an inspiration to the 2021 Newroz to liberate all occupied areas via the feminist will.

Lately, rumors were put into circulation on the wellbeing of leader Abdullah Ocakn, held at the fascist Turkish jails since 22 years, in inhuman, unethical and illegal conditions, we call for verification of that, we hold the Turkish Occupation the whole responsibility to condition of leader of humanity and that of free thought and coexistence, as well bearing the international community and all human associations that knows all this the responsibility.

At the end, we lay stress on our commitment to defend our peoples’ rights and undertake every possible bid to deliver Syria onto the shore of democracy, unity and freedom”.

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