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KSC sends messages international community, concerned authorities regarding Ocalan’s health

The Kongra Star Coordination (KSC) sent a message to the concerned authorities regarding the health status of Leader Abdullah Ocalan and demanded disclosed his health situation and lifting the isolation.

Allegations went viral on social media about the deteriorating health status of Ocalan, and in this regard, the KSC sent a message to the United Nations institutions, the Committee Against Torture (CPT), and the European Union. It appealed to act responsibly and to abandon the harsh practices of discrimination and isolation against the detainees.

The message stated:

“We write to you to express our serious sadness regarding the health status of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan. From February 15, 1999 to 2009, he was held in Imrali solitary prison. Since 2009, five other detainees have been held in Imrali prison.

Since his arrest, the commander has been isolated, which is in itself torture. Each time, requests from his lawyer to meet him, were refused. The last meeting between the lawyers and Ocalan was in Imrali prison on August 7, 2019. Since that time, no meeting has taken place, and nothing about his situation and the five other detainees is uncovered.

Previously, there were provocations by the Turkish state regarding Ocalan, which raised concerns about his situation. As in March 2007, when there were suspicions that he was poisoned, or in 2020 when a fire broke out in the prison. Until receiving news about his situation, the Kurdish people will not be able to live in peace.

On March 14, 2021, allegations about the health status of Commander Abdullah Ocalan were published on unknown Turkish social media sites. Like his lawyer who issued a statement, and the Kurdish people who have been protesting in the streets since yesterday, demanding an explanation of his situation and his release, we, as the Kurdish Women Organization and the Women of North and East Syria, are very concerned about the situation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

These conditions contradict the human rights, in which, Ocalan and 5 other detainees live, must not be accepted. For a democratic and peaceful solution to the problems in Turkey and the Middle East in general, his freedom as the leader of the Kurdish people is important. The silence of the international community makes it a partner in the isolation.

We call on all the concened organizations to fulfill their responsibilities regarding the health of Ocalan and take the will of the Kurdish people into consideration.

We also demand channels to view the leader’s situation under the isolation, which in themselves are a form of torture, and we demand an end to isolation.

Regarding the status of Ocalan, we certainly demand clarification.

– Once again, we appeal to political and administrative officials to act responsibly and to abandon the harsh practice of isolation and discrimination against the detainees.

We demand to allow the supervision of Imrali prison and to implement the legal rights related to visits and communication without discrimination.

The isolation policy must end immediately.

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