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International women: Diversity is source of strength

International women noted that Rojava’s acceptance of diversity is a source of great strength and a guarantee of a free society. They highlighted the importance of participatory and communal life.

With the start of the July 19 Revolution in northeast Syria, it witnessed an unprecedented involvement of women, through their struggle, they were able to lead the revolution.

Their struggle echoed in various countries of the world, until northeast Syria witnessed a large influx of international women to be inspired by the women’s revolution in Rojava.

In Jinwar (the village of women) in the Darbasiyah sub-district in Al-Hasakah canton, there are a number of international women in it, and they seek to learn about the struggle of the Kurdish woman.

Nujin Daria, an internationalist woman and a member of the Academy of Jinology, has lived in the village for four years. She says: “The eighth of March is an important and historic day. On this day, women gather to express their struggle and resistance in conjunction with their rejection of all aspects of injustice and violence. “

She described the struggle of the women of Rojava (NE Syria) as a “great goal”, and a step to liberate all women in the world, and continued: “The village of Jinwar has great importance in the struggle of women. Women live here a participatory and communal life through organizing their economy, social life and deciding on their daily life. “

She added, “One of the outcomes of the women revolution in Rojava is the step-by-step development through their mutual support to create a free society.”

She pointed out that what distinguishes the women of NE Syria is their diversity. There are Arabs, Kurds, Syrians and Circassians, “Accepting the diversity among women while continuing their union and solidarity is enough to form a large force of women.

On her part, Tochin Nogian from Italy, said: “The Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time on March 8, 1908, and to this day, we do not talk about a single day dedicated to women. We work every day around the clock, for the sake of women.”

“There are many women from different regions, and there are children too,” Nogian added.

She called on all the women of the world to fight, and she said, “We came here to fight in the village of Jinwar.”

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