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Seminar held in Manbij on International Women’s Day

Within a series of preparatory committee activities in Manbij on International Women’s Day, the first seminars were held today in Abu Qalqal and Tal Hathan line in the southeast of Manbij, during which it was confirmed that this year will be a year of struggle and freedom for all women.

The lectures were held today, in the presence of the women, in addition to the members of the preparatory committee of March 8 activities.

The seminars started with a minute of silence, and then Mervat Al-Hamad, a member of the Jinology Center, spoke about the occasion, and said: “On March 8, 1856, about 40,000 textile workers went on a general strike in New York in protest against their low wages and working hours, as soon as they were brutally eliminated by the police. “

She added, “After that, the Second International Conference on Women was held in Copenhagen, and Clara Zetkin, one of the leaders of the German Social Democratic Party, assumed the position of secretariat of the conference. Zetkin suggested that March 8 to be an International Women’s Day, to recall the workers who lost their lives in a factory. “

Mervat indicated: “Capitalism, which seeks to impose a policy of undermining the fundamental values ​​of the struggle and the values ​​of society, wants to apply that to March 8 as well, as it wants March 8 away from its meaning, so that all the history of resistance and the struggle that arose on it is forgotten.”

Mervat noted: “The ideology of women’s liberation that leader Ocalan presented to women has given great strength to the struggle of all women in the Middle East and the world and paved the way for them to liberation.”

She stressed, “Women are subjected to indiscriminate genocide in our societies, but it can be stopped by women’s revolutions.”

And she added: “A month ago, comrades Saada Al-Hermas and Hind Al-Khudair were brutally murdered in Al-Shaddadi because they did not give up their love for women’s freedom, so we will celebrate the 8th of March, saluting the resistance of free women, and commemorate Saada, Hind, Laila Akri, and the martyrs of Helanj and Tal Rifaat in NE Syria. “

She concluded, “2021 will be a year of unparalleled struggle and freedom for women’s freedom, and we will end the war, the extermination, poverty, unemployment and cruelty.”

At the end, the Council of Tal Hathan and Abu Qalqal were honored with honorary shields by the 8th of March Preparatory Committee, and then the Dabkeh were held.

The series of seminars will continue on the fourth and fifth day of the month of March in each of the line of hayya, al-Yasti, line of Muharraq and al-Furat.

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