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Kongra Star calls to escalate struggle in confronting fascism

Kongra Star called on women to raise the pace of struggle to raise the voice of free women and confront all forms of injustice and fascism.

On Wednesday, Kongra Star Coordination issued a statement to public opinion, on the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day, in which it saluted the struggle and resistance of women.

And stressed the need to strive to build a society in which justice and equality prevail, in which the rights and dignity of women are safeguarded.

The text reads:

We are at the Kongra Star and “Under the slogan of our struggle to ensure a woman’s revolution,” we celebrate the forty-sixth year of International Women’s Day as a day for women’s release from the womb of pain, inequality and injustice.

Where women took the first steps in demanding their right to achieve justice and equality, so the women’s strike in New York and their sit-in on March 8, 1857 AD, and the demand for equal wages, all this was a way to stand up to the patriarchal and capitalist regimes that degrade women, as they presented their resistance 129 women, as they were burned in the factory by a conspiracy by the prevailing regime and the monopolistic men who exploited the toil of women, so their strike was a historical stage of the women’s struggle that proved to the world that no matter how exploitative and fascist forces try to bury them, they are like seeds that sprout from under the ground and extend their branches until they reach to every woman in the world, thereby perpetuating a historical legacy of struggle.

We, the women of North and East Syria, are based on that struggle legacy, and we renew our pledge to continue the resistance in the spirit of the martyrs Rosa Luxemburg, Roza lugsemburg, Klara Zetkîn, Sakîne, Zîlan, Arîn, Zehra, Hebûn, Dayîka Emîne, Hind and Saada, and to walk on their struggle path tirelessly, and make all A moment in our lives moments of resistance against all forms of violence, inequality, occupation and genocide, so that we can achieve freedom, justice and democracy.

The sacrifices and resistance shown by women in Rojava (northern and eastern Syria), which presented heroic epics in the face of the most powerful dark forces represented by ISIS/ Daesh, and until now, are faced by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries, which represent the authoritarian and domineering mentality, which aims to annihilate women and break this reactionary mentality continues to shackle societies, from which men have not been freed in the name of customs and traditions, as changing the mentality requires struggle resistance in all areas.

Therefore, our campaign “No to the occupation, no to conspiracy, no to violence” will continue until these phenomena are reduced, the occupied lands are liberated, the displaced return to their lands and the women imprisoned in fascist prisons are liberated.

In the end, and on this occasion, we salute all the women who resist and yearn for freedom, who are being held in detention centers of the darkness, such as Leyla Guven, Zainab Jalalian and many others who are resisting, at every moment, this tyrannical fascism in every part of this earth, and we call on them to continue to raise the pace of struggle and stand side by side in order to raise the voice of free women, confront all forms of injustice and fascism, and adoption Ocalan ideology, the true supporter of women and strive to build a society where justice and equality prevail, in which the rights and dignity of women are safeguarded.

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