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Under violence against women … seminar held in Al-Hasakah

Under “We Say No to Minors Marriage,” the Young Women’s Union in al-Hasakah canton organized a seminar, where the forms and causes of violence against women, were addressed and several solutions to reduce violence against women and minor’s marriage were proposed.

To reduce the phenomenon against women and in the occupied territories in particular, the YWU organized a seminar to reject the marriage of the minors, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

Hundreds of members of the YWU in Al-Hasakah canton, in addition to the members of the Kongra Star attended the seminar.

The seminar hall was decorated with pictures of the leader Ocalan, the flags of the Kongra Star, in addition to banners that read: “Under the leading role of the young woman, we will end all forms of violence”, “Under the will of the young woman, we will definitely win over the occupation and its violations.”

The seminar started with a minute of silence, then the young woman’s administrator in the Jazirah region Medyia Yousef gave a speech in which she said: “Women have had a prominent role in all fields since ancient times.

Media pointed out that women still suffer from violence, highlighting the role of women in the Rojava revolution, changing their authoritarian mentality, and developing society.

At the end of her speech, she called: “All women continue to carry out activities to face the challenges that hinder the advancement of women within the Rojava revolution. The authoritarian oppressive policies target women will, on top of them the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, so we must stand in the face of all forms of crimes and violence against women to develop a healthy society.”

Then, a member of the Kongra Star Avin Basho, delivered a lecture on violence against women, blessing at the beginning, the Women’s Day, and then she noted the causes of violence in all its forms, forms, effects and consequences on society in general and on women in particular.

Avin indicated, “The means of violence against women are multiple. It may be through threats, exploitation, deception, harassment, or diminishing her mental or physical potential, and it may be by insulting her dignity or diminishing her self-esteem.”

She touched on the causes of violence, and said: “They are cultural, educational, wrong and economic customs and traditions which are considered one of the main factors, because they accept it and consider submission as a reaction to that.”

And Avin added: “Among the effects, the psychological one such as loss of self-confidence, social one such as family disintegration and divorce, and health, such as injury or abortion.”

She concluded, “Our endeavors must mobilize energies to empower women against violence, increase work to confront violence and eliminate a culture of silence.”

For her part, a member of the Young Women’s Union in Al-Hasakah Province, Siran Sido, gave a lecture that focused on minor’s marriage.

Siran added, “Women have a role in society; as they are the key educators developing free societies. It is the responsibility of the man and the woman, to reduce the phenomenon of violence against women.”

At the end of her speech, Siran emphasized: “Minors’ marriage is not a successful marriage, and it causes health and psychological effects.”

After the specches, the door was opened to the attendees, and ways to solve the problems, through lectures, events and discussions within the community to be a tool for changing the family’s mentality.

It was also confirmed that the leader Abdullah Ocalan’s philosophy had main role in the society awareness.

The attendees also demanded accountability for all those who violate the laws of the Women’s House, and they called for standing up to the phenomenon of child marriage, and educating women to limit the special war and its impact on it.

At the end of the seminar, several solutions were proposed, including educating families in general, educating and training young women and men within the community, educating young women in the southern regions in particular that suffer from tribal customs, traditions and concepts, encouraging girls to complete their studies, establishing committees of young women in communes, expressing Reacting to any attempt to assault, kill, or rape women within society and hold accountable to parents and those who cover up early marriage.


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