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Kongra Star: Turkish attack on Garê translated even greater failure

On February 10, the Turkish occupation army launched a large-scale attack on the Garê region in southern Kurdistan, while faced historic resistance by fighters of the HPG, forcing the Turkish occupation army to withdraw, and in this context the KSC issued Written statement.

The text of the statement read:

“The failure of the Turkish state since its conspiracy against the leader, has made it floundering in its policy, as it exploits any opportunity to eliminate the Kurdish people presence, sometimes launching a systematic attack on Syria, other times on Iraq, translating this into greater failure.

The large and widespread attacks on the Garê region were planned in advance in coordination with the Iraq and the KRG to occupy the entire region and eliminate the HPG and Kurdish people. For this, it set all its military capabilities, by using about 50 aircraft in 4 days, which showed their cruelty again, as it did with the prisoners.

It forgets that the guerrillas are the disciples of the leader Ocalan, and also forgets their resistance in Zab, Haftanin, Uramar for the sake of their cause, imagining, they will undermine their determination, great resistance and historical struggle that thwarted the plans of the Turkish state and its aids.

Our fighters’ victory in Garê region will be the start of the collapse of the Turkish state and the success of the democratic nation project in the four parts of Kurdistan, so congratulations to the forces of Medya, sons og Akid, Mazloum, Zilan and Beritan.

We at the Star Conference are seeking their hands, and on this great occasion we renew the pledge to continue the struggle and resistance with the morale of Gary’s resistance, and we hold ourselves responsible for supporting the YPJ-YPG military forces as a defensive force in Rojava, and activating the youth as a force to reach the freedom of peoples and the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

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