Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnap a Yazidi woman from Basofan occupied village

The organization quoted a special local source from inside Afrin that the mercenaries of the so-called “Faylaq al-Sham” affiliated with the Turkish occupation kidnapped the Yazidi Kurdish citizen, Ghazaleh Salmo, daughter of Mannan (45 years old).

According to the source, Ghazaleh Salamo is from the Yazidi village of Basofan in Sherawa district in the occupied countryside of Afrin, and she was kidnapped on the charge of booby-trapping the car of a mercenary leader.

The mercenaries kidnapped dozens of people from the villages of (Baai, Basofan, Kabashin, Burj Haydar) of the occupied Sherawa district, after they accused Ghazaleh Salmo of booby-trapping the car of the leader of the faction called Hamza Abu Zayd, and seriously wounded him on the 4th of this month, to be transported to Turkey according to the source which confirmed that the mercenary leader lost his life after his status worsened.

The members of the mercenary faction threatened the people with slaughter in the event of the death of the leader, Hamza Abu Zayd, and the citizen Ghazaleh Salmo was one of the victims of the faction’s threats, according to the source.

After Ghazaleh Salmo was tortured by the mercenaries, she became mentally disturbed, according to a local source from inside Iska village prison in Afrin.According to the source, Ghazala Salamo is from the Yazidi village of Basufan, affiliated to Sherawa sub-district in the occupied Afrin countryside, and she was kidnapped on the charge of booby-trapping the car of a mercenary leader.

The same source also stated that Ghazaleh was transferred to Turkey about a week ago, paving the way for trying her trial there.

D.HAccording to the source, the Ghazali Slmo from the village of Yazidi Basoufan hand Hearoua in rural Afrin occupied, was kidnapped on charges Tfajakhha car leader in the mercenaries.

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