Lebanese activist calls for holding criminals accountable

A brutal incident that is not the first of its kind in which ISIS mercenaries target political women in a bruta manner. The assassination of Saada and Hind is not different from the assassination of the former secretary of the Future Syria Party Hevrin Khalaf, Zahra Berkel, and also the mother Aqeeda.

One approach and thought

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries follow one approach through the crimes they commit against women, and the assassination of the politician Hevrin Khalaf on October 11, 2019 by Ahrar al-Sharqiye mercenaries is the best proof of this, to be followed by targeting the female activist and national figure Aqeeda Ali Othman on October 13, during the bombardment that targeted a civilian gathering in the occupied city of Serêkaniyê.

On June 24th of the same year, the Turkish occupation assassinated a member of the Kongra Star Coordination in Kobane canton Zahra Berkel, and on the 22nd of this January, ISIS mercenaries targeted the co-chair of Tel al-Shayer Town Council in al-Dashisha district in al-Hasakah canton, Saada al-Hermas and her deputy Hind al-Khudair.

The victim is the woman and the criminal is one

The head of the Newroz Cultural and Social Association in Lebanon, Hanan Othman, explained that the series of assassinations that affect women are many all over the world, and she said: “There is diversity and even mastery in assassination methods, and each time the victim is the woman, and the criminal is one that started from Kurdistan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and Iraq and the list goes on.”

Commenting on the latest assassination, Hanan explained: “The news of their assassination was very painful for us, the activists in Lebanon, especially since ISIS terrorist organization supported by the Justice and Development Government targets women with all its terrorist means and methods, especially strugglers and activists.”

Freedom is not achieved without sacrifices

Hanan explained that the goal of all these crimes against women is to encircle the will of women for freedom and progress, and to limit their superiority and leadership in society under the democratic system of the Autonomous Administration in northern Syria, noting that they realize that freedom cannot be achieved without sacrifices and struggles.

Hanan emphasized that women in north and east Syria have made many sacrifices, not only for their freedom, but for the sake of all humanity.

We have to stand in solidarity to curb these crimes

Regarding women’s role that, especially female activists and human rights defenders to curb the crimes committed against them, Hanan Othman said: “We, activists and defenders of the rights and lives of women, do not condemn and denounce these heinous terrorist operations only; rather, we must show effective practical solidarity to curb such brutal crimes.”

Our responsibility is great

During her speech, Hanan called on international and human rights organizations to implement international covenants and treaties, adding: “We see in their positions nothing but double standards, and we do not see any serious response towards these crimes that affect women.”

At the end of her speech, Hanan condemned the shameful international silence about all the crimes committed by the Erdogan government against the peoples of the region in general and the Kurds in particular. She said: “We see that we have a great responsibility towards the great sacrifices that women make, and we realize that we have to be their voice around the globe.”


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