Women Department in Deir Ezzor: Assassination of Saada and Hind is heinous crime against Arab, Syrian people

Saada Al-Hermas, Vice Chair Hind Al-Khudair, the co-chair of the Town Council of Tal Al-Shayer, affiliated to Al-Dashisha district in Al-Hasakah district, was kidnapped on January 22nd, and killed by ISIS mercenaries.

In this regard, the administrator in the Women’s Department in Deir Ezzor, Sheherazade Al-Jasem, condemned this crime and all the crimes committed by ISIS against women.

“The targeting of women by ISIS is considered violence against women,” she said in an interview with ANHA agency, adding: “We strive to abolish violence against them, but the successive targeting of sleeper cells for women aims to break women’s resolve.”

Al-Jasem stressed that such “terrorist attacks and crimes will not undermine, intimidate or frustrate their resolve.”

She indicated that the crime committed against Saada and Hind was a “heinous crime against the Arab and Syrian people,” stressing that they would follow in their footsteps.

And she added, “We will not stop at this heinous crime and will strengthen them. They are heroic martyrs who tried to convey a woman’s voice, involvement in building their society.”

During her speech, Scheherazade appealed to the women worldwide, saying: “Let us be one hand, and take a clear and serious stand, to remove the violence, fear and terror that terrorist groups are trying to plant in the hearts of women.”

She also affirmed that as “the women of Deir Ezzor, say no to violence against women. We will remain strong to reach the desired goals for women, and strive to achieve a free, democratic Syria.”

Al-Jasem praised the determination of the strong women for fairness and justice between women, explaining that “Today’s women have a major role in society, and in the progress of the democratic nation project and the brotherhood of peoples in the region.” Today, on the front lines, on the battlefronts, the goal of the assassinations is to sow discord among the coexisting components of the region. “


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