Jihan Khedro: Saada, Hind’s assassination is targeting of women’s freedom project

On January 22nd, ISIS mercenaries assassinated the co-chair of Tel al-Shaer Town Council affiliated to al-Dashisha district in al-Hasakah canton, Saada al-Hermas, and her deputy, Hind al-Khudair.

Commenting on this, the Head of the Women’s Body in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Jihan Khedro, told our agency: “In the name of the body, we condemn and denounce this criminal act that took place against the two administrators Saada al-Hermas and Hind al-Khudair, in al-Dashisha district, south of al-Hasakah canton. We also console ourselves, our peoples in north and east Syria and the families of the two martyrs, and we say that our march will continue until victory is achieved and women are liberated.”

Targeting women’s freedom

Jihan Khedro explained that this crime “is primarily aimed at creating confusion and spreading terror to renege on this will, not to mention instilling fear in the hearts of women who work in the Autonomous Administration institutions, in order to thwart this democratic project that believes and aims at women’s freedom in the first place.”

She continued: “Everyone knows that women in the regions of north and east Syria have become an example to be followed by the whole world, so the enemies of the Autonomous Administration project, whether the Turkish state or cells affiliated with the Syrian government aim to break this project.”

Women’s joining

Jihan Khedro added: “Since the liberation of the regions of north-east Syria from ISIS terrorists by the Syrian Democratic Forces, especially the last liberated areas, women, especially the Arab ones, have joined the Autonomous Administration project in a large proportion, and as a result of this, the revolutionary successes and struggling values that they enjoyed,  they have become afraid of this project that aims at women’s freedom.”

Autonomous Administration distinguishing 

The Head of the Women’s Body in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Jihan Khedro, touched upon the targeting of women, and stated: “The enemies are targeting women to break and thwart this project, and because they know very well that since its inception in 2014, its continuity and strength lies in the presence of women in all the Autonomous Administration’s offices,  bodies and committees,” adding that This is what distinguishes the Autonomous Administration from all other systems around the world, so they always try to target women who are organized, successful and moving towards this true democratic project.”

Jihan Khedro confirmed the following in the footsteps of the martyrs and said: “We, the Women’s Body in North and East Syria and the women of this region, will follow the footsteps of the martyrs who were martyred for the freedom of the region in the first place and the freedom of women in particular.”

Strong will

The Head of the Women’s Body in North and East Syria, Jihan Khedro, also condemned the international silence and silence of human rights and humanitarian organizations about these massacres committed against women in the regions of north and east Syria, citing the assassination of activists in the countryside of Kobane canton Zahra Berkel and her companions, and the assassination of the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf. She attributed these targets to “they view women’s liberation as a threat to them.”

Jihan Khedro explained that all the crimes committed by the Turkish state are added to the crimes of ISIS mercenaries, Jabhet al-Nusra , and others who try to undermine the woman’s will.

She stressed that “this will prompts us to stand united against the violations committed by the terrorist factions, with the support of the Turkish regime and the extremist groups hired by it.”

Adherence to the project of 11 thousand martyrs

The Head of the Women’s Body in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Jihan Khedro, concluded her speech by saying: “We are increasingly insistent and adhering to our democratic project, which was built with the blood of more than 11,000 martyrs in the regions of north and east Syria, and we believe in it. We, women in the first place, must preserve our martyrs’ gains and women’s sacrifices.”


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