Netewî Xemgîn: Only option for Turkish state is to respond to Leyla Guven’s demands

On December 31st of last year, the Turkish court sentenced the Co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference, Leyla Güven , to 22 years in prison because of her positions on the Turkish occupation attacks against Afrin.

On November 8th, 2018, Leyla Güven  declared an open hunger strike that lasted for 200 consecutive days.

Women’s will never give up

On December 22nd, 2020, Leyla Güven was arrested soon after a 22 years and 3 months prison sentence was issued against her, and when she was arrested, Leyla Güven said: “If I wanted to escape, I would have gone and you would not have found me, but I don’t think about that, I will continue the political work in my country, it does not matter whether in prison or outside. ” She confirmed with this statement that the women’s will will never surrender to fascism.

The Member of the Kongra Star Coordination in Lebanon, Netewî Xemgîn, said that the Turkish state’s regime is afraid of the approach of resistance and freedom that women embody, and added: “A state that does not recognize the will of women and does not depend on it will not be able to overcome its crises. We follow Leyla Güven’s approach, and salute her resistance.”

Netewî Xemgîn began her speech by commemorating the martyrs of January: “We bow to the martyrs Sarah, Leyla and Fidan, denounce and condemn the international conspiracy. We know that January is the month of martyrs, and remember all the martyrs of the women’s revolution who sacrificed their lives. We will never forget the international conspiracy. The martyrs Sarah, Leyla and Fidan are the vanguards of the women’s revolution.”

She also added: “The conspirating fascist forces targeted the women’s freedom approach in the person of comrade Sakine, but it did not succeed in that because Sara, Fidan and Leyla left behind thousands of women who followed their approach to struggle for the revolution. Today there are thousands of women fighting in various fields of struggle.”

Leyla followed Sara’s path

Netewî Xemgîn noted that the state’s mentality today targets the organization and unification of women, which have developed with the vanguard of women, and said: “Leyla Güven was among the comrades who followed the path of Sara. If the Turkish state cannot bear women’s will under the leadership of Leyla Güven, this is because she follows the path of Sara, ZÎlan, Leyla and Bêritan, and the approach of women’s freedom, while the Turkish state cannot accept the idea of ​​ women organization on the democratic approach, so that it worked to imprison Leyla Güven, but it must know well that Leyla Güven  will resist against the plot.”

The Turkish state did not and will not succeed. Throughout the history of the women’s revolution, the state’s mentality has never triumphed. The state seeks to eliminate the moral and political system that the people have maintained for thousands of years. Today, efforts are being made to eliminate this system in the person of Leyla Güven , but she will respond to these efforts too, resisting in prisons, and defend the approach of women in prisons. Wherever we are, we will escalate the struggle on the approach of women’s freedom.”

They will not succeed in undermining democracy and peace

The Member of the Kongra Star Coordination in Lebanon, Netewî Xemgîn, said that Leyla Güven’s struggle involves all women, and said: “Leyla Güven was seeking to continue the struggle for all women’s rights to be achieved. Human rights organizations, as well as America or Turkey did not seek to defend Human rights and the state of rights. The determination and will were embodied in the hunger strike activity that Leyla Güven started, and now an uprising has erupted in the prisons to demand rights. In Rojava Kurdistan, there are female fighters who defend their people and fight for the defense of their land, as well as the vanguard strugglers who demanded democracy and peace, such as the martyr Hevrin Khalaf. The authoritarian forces must know well that they will never succeed in eliminating democracy and peace.”

The state’s power cannot undermine our will

Netewî Xemgîn noted that the Turkish state is hostile to the women’s will, and that it sought, through the arrest of Leyla Güven, to arrest and imprison women’s will, adding: “If the Turkish state pursues democracy as it claims, and if it believed in the unity of peoples and peace, it would not have sought to eliminate the will of women through the decision to arrest Leyla Güven. Whatever the Turkish state does to escalate war, we will respond with peace, and our war will turn into a war of peace. The countries cannot undermine our will. The Turkish state does not seek to strengthen women’s freedom and will, otherwise it would not have sentenced Leyla Güven to prison. ”

Netewî Xemgîn also indicated that the Turkish state would never solve the Kurdish issue by arresting Leyla Güven: “The continuing resistance of our leader in prison despite all the conditions of isolation and difficult conditions, as well as resistance to the hunger strike led by the political detainees in prisons, and the escalating resistance waged by our people everywhere are all a decisive response to affirming will. Those people want to run their affairs with their free will, that is why the will of the Kurdish people is trapped in Imrali, no one will be able to undermine this will, and you know very well that if the Turkish state does not end this isolation, “its end will come too soon.” The only way for Turkey is to end the isolation imposed on Leader Ocalan, prosecute the killers of the martyr Sara, and respond to Leyla Güven’s demands.”

A state that does not recognize women’s will will not be able to end crises

The Member of the Kongra Star Coordination in Lebanon, Netewî Xemgîn, said at the conclusion of her speech that all women and women’s institutions will support Leyla Güven’s resistance. She said: “The state that does not recognize women’s will will not be able to escape from crises. We are committed to Leyla Güven’s approach, support her resistance to the end. Despite all restrictions, we will organize our ranks on the path of resistance, and not to abandon the struggle until Leader Ocalan’s liberation from prison. We will ensure that we obtain our rights through our self-organization without the need for anyone.”



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