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Hardworking Woman: Laila Guven’s arrest blatant legal breach

In a statement to the public opinion released today by the Hardworking Woman Committee dependent of the Hardworkers’ Union in the Tirbe Spiye District of the Qamishlo Canton the arrest of Laila Guven by the Turkish authorities was denounced..

The statement was read by administrator in the Hardworking Woman Committee Xawla Abbas Hisein and reads: ” we condemn and denounce violations perpetrated by the Turkish State against women such as murder, arrest and captivity, that imply despise to the emancipated woman that advocates her cause, people and land”.

”the policy of intransigence and arrogance adopted by the Erdogan led government would meet failure due to struggle shown by striving women such as Laila Guven”.

The statement called on the international community to hold it’s responsibility in reference to the 22 years and 3 months sentence that was passed on Laila for it is merely ”flagrant breach against the human rights and freedom”.

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