Zelal Amed: The struggle of Sakîne Cansiz, Fîdan Dogan, Leyla Şaylemez is summary women’s history

Zelal Amed explained that the tasks that were undertaken by the fighters, Sakîne Cansiz, Fîdan Dogan and Leyla Şaylemez, and the identity that they enjoyed, and their adoption of the values ​​called for targeting them, and she confirmed that the women those who walk on the path of the three fighters will be held accountable for those responsible for the Paris massacre and will struggle to consolidate the foundations of a free life.

The member of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe, Zelal Amed, commemorated the three fighters, on the 8 eighth anniversary of their martyrdom.

Zelal said that” in 1998 I knew the comrade Sakîne Cansiz, when she was in Europe, she came to visit our workplace, that time we sat with each other and enjoyed with nice time, she wanted to know us, her eyes were carefully stared to our eyes, while listening to us, it was a meeting with an avant-garde woman who went through the history of Kurds, which was written by her, it was distinguished feeling. The first thing that caught my attention was her humility, and her speech that emanates from the bottom of the heart.

Also, when she was talking to us about the leader, we thought that she had never left the leader. If we wanted to define the relationship of women with the leader, it can be said that comrade Sakîne Cansiz is an embodiment of the ideological, political and moral relationship between the leader and the woman. Shared goals, shared dreams, practical struggle for women, peoples and all the oppressed, sincerity, constant love, ceaseless research and freedom are always common principles among human beings. Other relationships are bondage relationships. Comrade Sakîne Cansiz was loyal in this way. We witnessed many times how the martyr Sakîne Cansiz fights against slavery. Preventing the people from mistakes and directing them to the right was one of the reasons for which Comrade Sakîne Cansiz lived. She always defended the truth. Her stances against injustice were very important. These are the characteristics of Comrade Sakîne Cansiz. In this PKK movement these are the foundations of the leader. “

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