“Turkey aims to undermine will of free organized woman by arresting Guven”

The Turkish authorities sentenced Leyla Guven, the co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress, to 22 years and three months in prison.

Commenting on the arrest and imprisonment of the activist, Leyla Guven, the coordinator of the Star Congress Rayhan Luqo said, “Laila Guven is a political figure who works for the achievement of social justice and demands for women’s rights; therefore, the main goal of the Turkish state in arrest is to break the will of the free, organized and trained woman who fights for Kurdish women to obtain their rights.”

“Turkey is trying to appear as a democratic state, but its violations of human rights and the massacres it committed on the ground prove exactly the opposite,” Rayhan said.

Rayhan noted: “Turkey sees figures that struggle and demand women’s rights as a threat to them, and Leyla Guven is a good example of this after absentee sentence was issued against her.

She called all Kurdish women to raise the pace of struggle and resistance by uniting the organized efforts of women in order to stand in the face of authoritarian mentality conspiring against women, and the path led by the parliamentarian, Leila Guven, must be completed.”

In the conclusion of her speech, Rayhan Luqo appealed to human rights organizations and international courts to define their position on the Turkish state’s violations that affect politicians, parliamentarians and journalists in Turkey.

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