Zainab Celalian harassed by Iranian Regime

Kurdistan Human Rights Network, the KHRN, in Eastern Kurdistan has stated that the Iranian Regime never allows Celalian’s family to pay her a visit, and that all phone calls were banned, for since she was transferred to the Yazd Prison, she has never contacted her family at all.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network, the KHRN, stated that Zainab told her family in a short phone call that she was told by officials at the prison that unless she stops all her activities and collaborates with the security services, she would be forbidden from all her rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network, the KHRN,in Eastern Kurdistan also noted that, according to a member of the Celalian family, Zainab’s father was captured by the Iranian Intelligence in the city of Mako some days ago, and that he was released on bail the next day.

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