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Statement to feminist and legal associations regarding Syrian woman

The delivery was attended by tens of members of committees in the council of the Shahba Canton and the Free Woman Council, raising photos of the two youths Nerges Da’ud and Valentina Arslan and those persecuted and murdered by Turkish Occupation Forces.

The statement was read in Kurdish by member of the Council of Shahba Canton, Ewfa Bakr, and in Arabic by member Siham Elo, that reads : ”

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on November 25th, is being condemned and denounced by the General Assembly of the United Nations, for it calls on all NGOs and media outlets to advocate for ending violence against women, and the story of Mirabal Sisters in 1960 that had been inspiring the world.

The story developed into one of liberty milestones in the Dominican Republic, that was one of violence types against women constantly, for she has been a constant target of the patriarchal society systematically, for the male is the means by regimes to limit the will of woman, and forbidding her form practicing and enjoying rights, that affects not only women, but the whole society, that implies grave social and economic repercussions, taking into account that violence against woman is not dedicated to a single culture or any social class rather it is a common phenomenon.

Under various pretexts, women undergo violence and beating, bodily and psychologically, mistreatment, harassment, rape and deprivation of rights in addition to economic and political exclusion by the ruling powers or occupation, at peace as well as at war, by murder, imprisonment and torture.

We, in the Shahba Canton, via the crisis we experience, find that women are vulnerable to every type of violence, especially in areas under Turkish Occupation Forces, so we call on all Syrian women to fight and strife, and pledge to contact Syrian women to stand up to violence every day.

The statement was concluded by calling on legal, human and feminist associations to break silence, and take into account suffering by the Syrian women to be model in solving the Syrian Crisis.

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