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​​​​​​​Kongra Star: We are facing historic danger, KDP must clarify its position


Today, the Kongra Star Coordination issued a statement to the public opinion regarding the plots being hatched against the Kurdish people, and what must be done to stop these conspiracies.


The Kongra Star indicated in its statement that the Kurdish people are now witnessing a historic stage, especially in light of the struggle being waged for the sake of freedom, and said: “This struggle has been met with great support from the international community, and thanks to this struggle, we are entering the stage of securing our gains.”


The statement noted that it is necessary to unify the ranks in the four parts of Kurdistan, and to move away from partisan interests in order to pass this stage successfully. He added: “Those who seek to deprive the Kurdish people of their freedom will not be shown mercy by the people and history.”


The Kongra Star made it clear that the Kurdish people were subjected to plots in order not to gain their freedom, and upon them they have divided Kurdistan and the Kurds. It added: ” They exploited the Kurds loyal to them to undermine the struggle and resistance from inside, and these have entered the black pages of Kurdistan’s history.”


The Kongra Star said that they are seeking now to restore history again, as the Turkish state is seeking with all its strength to occupy Kurdistan, and threatens to launch attacks on Rojava. In Başûr Kurdistan, no area has been left without strongholds of Turkish forces, now they are hatching occupational plans against Şengal too, and added: “Now they are trying to incite the Kurds against each other, and through that they are trying to reach their goals. The Kurdistan Democratic Party sending its forces to Kari is a part of this conspiracy.”


The Kongra Star said: “We in the Women Movement in Rojava see in the moves taking place in Kari a historic danger, and for this we will be shields that prevent this internal fighting. We have this strength, and therefore we appeal to all women’s institutions and organizations in Kurdistan to work together to reach Kurdish unity, and to say (no) to the Kurdish-Kurdish fighting that the enemies seek.”


The Kongra Star appealed to the Kurdish people to rise up against the enemies’ dirty plans, and to have a stance because we are now fighting the struggle of existence or non-existence, and we are witnessing the struggle to secure our rights, and it continued: “Now, we must join hands more than ever before, and stand against the enemies and their advocators.”


The statement concluded saying: “We appeal to the Kurdistan Democratic Party not to be drawn into the plots of the Turkish occupation, not to help it, to clarify its position, and to defend the Kurdish people’s dignity which is required of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.”



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