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The US Commission commends religious and cultural freedom in North and East Syria

A delegation from the American Religions Commission visited the Center for Diplomatic Relations of Kongra Star. The delegation included the Vice President of the American Commission for International Religious Freedom Nadine Menza, and the pastor of the Evangelical Church in Tennessee Nashville, Steve Burger.


They were received by Ramziya Muhammad, spokesperson of Kongra Star, Assia Abdullah, Coordinator of Kongra Star, and Manal Muhammad, a member of Kongra Star’s diplomatic relations committee.


The discussion focused on several points, the most important was knowing the Kongra Star system and its objectives in terms of organizing women and taking their active role in all fields, whether political, diplomatic or military, as well as focusing on women being the decision-makers related to themselves, and to play a fundamental role in finding a solution to the Syrian crisis and reaching a democratic Syria. At the end of the conversation, communication was made in order to continue strengthening the relation between them

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