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8th conference of KSC elects new coordination, adopts several resolutions

Under the slogan “With the Struggle of Hevrin and Zahra, We Will End the Occupation and Guarantee the Women’s Revolution,” the 8th conference of the KSC was held this morning, with the participation of 300 delegates, in addition to guests from the three regions of “Afrin, the Euphrates and Al-Jazeera” and cities of Manbij, Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor, Damascus and Al-Raqqa.


Where the annual report was read and discussed by the delegates, and the Kongra Star’s Charter was ratified, and then 7 delegates were elected as coordinators for the Kongra in North and East Syria.


The conference concluded with the following decisions:


– Increasing the pace of struggle for leader Ocalan and introduce all women to his thought.


– Referring the cases of killing the defenseless civilians and martyrs to international courts and follow them up in NE Syria.


– In order to introduce and develop environmental science and make it a basis for economics, health and politics, training courses are going to be opened in this regard in all fields of life.


– The KSC considers women’s science as a basis for it in all different fields of struggle. On this basis, methods of struggle, resistance and participation are organized in northeastern Syria for the service of society.


– Forming and activating an activities committee, with the aim of building a path of activities in the democratic nation and women’s struggle for freedom.


– Continuing the struggle against private warfare and systematic politics such as murder and genocide.


– To solve women problems, various activities are held and the pace of struggle against all kinds of violence against women, such as underage marriage and polygamy is held.


– Finding appropriate solutions with regard to refugees’ challenges, especially the women refugees to improve their life conditions through various programs and plans.


– Activating a human rights committee to diplomatically follow up issues related to ISIS.


– Training and activating the disabled women, and sorting them into the institutions and committees of the KSC.


– Establishing a new system for children to meet their needs, protect them and secure their future.


– Establishing projects to serve the community and people with special needs, “orphans, the elderly, child beggars.”


– Opening projects in economic institutions to provide job opportunities for the unemployed women.


– Giving importance to cooperative societies and their management to reach positive results.


– Strengthening and reorganizing the diplomatic struggle of women in the fields of southern Kurdistan, Lebanon, and Europe.


– Opening new offices and representations in the Middle East to organize the struggle and work.


– Opening training courses for all women and men in the judiciary field on the values ​​of freedom, justice and democracy.


– The struggle is carried out by the Culture and Art Committee in the KSC against the mentality of national, gender, religious and scientific intolerance, and the promotion of the democratic, environmental and women’s model in the line of culture and art.


– Strengthening participatory relations with women’s political parties on the basis of the third line.

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