Women: Kurdish House must be united to confront Turkish aggression

At a time when the Turkish occupation attacks on the legitimate defense zones, especially Heftanin and Şengal are increasing in frequency, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, visited Ankara on the 4th of this month, where he should have taken a strict stance on stopping Turkey’s attacks on Başûr areas targeting civilians.

Analysts believe that Nechirvan Barzani’s visit at this time proves the alliance of Başûr government with Turkey against its people, and legitimizes its attacks on Heftanin in more than one statement issued.

In this regard, the women of ed-Dirbasiyah district condemned the Turkish attacks on Heftanin area, and called on the government of Başûr Kurdistan to break its silence.

Dilber Shemmo, a resident of ed-Dirbasiyah district condemned the attacks on the legitimate defense zones and said: “The Turkish occupation has been launching violent attacks for some time on Heftanin and Başûr areas targeting civilians, amid silence and indifference by Başûrgovernment.”

The Kurdish House must be reunited to stand up to the Turkish aggression against the Kurds

Regarding Nechirvan Barzani’s visit to Turkey, Dilber Shemmo pointed out: “It is clear from the visit that there are future plans between Turkey and Başûr at the expense of the Kurdish people, and that the government of Başûr is satisfied with Turkey’s attacks on its regions.

She added: “Shame on any Kurdish person for remaining silent, everyone should rise up against the injustice and aggression practiced by Turkey against the Kurdish people,” stressing the need to unify the Kurdish House, and support the struggle and resistance of the fighters in Heftanin by uniting the Kurdish House.

Dilber Shemmo called on the whole people to show a spirit of responsibility and come out against Turkish aggression, calling on all political parties to unify their ranks and put all partisan differences aside in order to preserve the rights and existence of the Kurdish people.

Turkey acquired its bloody customs from its Ottoman ancestors

Amal Mirzo, a citizen from al-Ghanamiyah town of ed-Dirbasiyah district explained that the reason behind the attacks on Heftanin was the repeated victories of the People’s Defense Forces that did not satisfy the Turkish state which worked to expand its attacks, as its history is full of the bloody genocide it acquired from its Ottoman ancestors.

Amal called on Başûr government to break its silence and said: “If this silence indicates something, it indicates the existence of open and secret links between it and Turkey, and this is an embarrassing position for the Kurdistan Regional Government.”

Amal stated: “While the Kurdish people are waiting for good omen from the outcomes of the negotiations that are now taking place among the political forces and parties, today we see Nechirvan Barzani sitting at the Turkish table, killing the Kurdish people and their flags side by side, and here we wonder how a government such as Başûr government has relations and connections with Turkey?, and how can it cooperate with Turkey by attacking Heftanin?”

In turn, the citizen Nesrin Hussein condemned the attacks that target the legitimate defense zones, and called on international organizations to put an end to the Turkish state, and not to stand by watching Turkey’s violations of the rights of its neighboring peoples.

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