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KSC holds its third conference in Aleppo

The conference was held with the participation of dozens of representatives of civil institutions and political and military parties.

The hall was decorated with pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the martyrs Barin, Sakina, Arin and Avista, and banners that read: “Our Struggle is Freedom, Our Resistance is Victory. In the Spirit of Revenge and the Sacrifice of the Families of the Martyrs, we will Destroy the Walls of Imrali.”

The conference began with a minute’s silence for the souls of the martyrs, followed by the administrator at the KSC in North and East Syria, Mona Youssef, a speech in which she said: “We hold this conference in conjunction with the International Day of Peace, and this indicates the size of the resistance shown by the people of my neighborhood. Sheikh Maqsoud on this pure land, and their attachment to their land until they undermined the occupation, organize themselves, and planted the seeds of democracy, freedom and brotherhood of peoples in the hearts of their children. This is in itself, the key to peace.

Mona also indicated that the enemies of democracy and freedom, on top of them the Turkish state always target the organized woman, recalling the Kobani massacre that claimed the lives of the representatives of the KSC, stressing: “In the spirit of our martyrs and the free woman, we renew the vow to them to follow in their footsteps until they reach Their goals. “

Then the administrator at the Kongra Star Hevin Suleiman Conference read the directives of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, followed by the reading of the annual report of the KSC by the administrator of the Young Women’s Movement, Jinda Delsoz.

Then, four members were elected to the KSC in Aleppo, and they were “Nahla Mustafa, Amna Khadro, Farajin Muhammad, Zainab Ibo”, who in turn pledged to fulfill their duties and protect the women of the neighborhood.

Then the conference was concluded by chanting slogans that salute the resistance of women.

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