Hadiyya Youssef: This is time for woman’s uprising against fascism, policies hatched against them

In the recent period, there has been an increase in the number of murders that women are subjected to, in addition to the violence applied against them by dominant regimes and powers in Syria in general, and Turkey in particular. Regarding this, our agency held a dialogue with the Member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Union Party, Hadiyya Youssef, in which she analyzed the mentality that the dominant countries follow to impose their control on the will of women.

The text of the dialogue was as follows:

In general, there is violence against women in all parts of Kurdistan, especially Kurdish women, so what does the patriarchal system want from behind these policies, and what is the danger that women pose to the state for violence against them to increase to this extent?

In the natural society, women played a pioneering role in organizing society and developing the foundations of life, as the society used to enjoy equality and justice away from class and violence established by the male system after a struggle that lasted for more than 200,000 years. Therefore, this struggle aimed at extracting power from the hand of women for the emergence of a male society, in which there are many classes and the ruling authority, and this was the male mentality system that was imposed on society.

This system imposed a mentality on society, so it organized women according to the same approach that it wanted, and despite the policies that it applied to women, it was afraid of their power because the organization of society belonged to them, so the male system was afraid that women would return to their system since the time of Sumer up to now, and over 5,000 years.

The patriarchal system is afraid of this policy, and by not showing the strength and will of women, it tried by various means to suppress and minimize their freedom and link their freedom to customs and norms.

Therefore, domestic violence grew in society to subordinate women to the decisions of the authority, and in society, outdated customs and traditions were imposed on women to be placed within the molds, laws and limits that it had drawn for them, in  addition to the state system that established itself on the subjugation of women because violence is one of the basic methods of the state, and we see that all laws issued by states, starting with the most democratic countries, lack laws to protect women.

We also see in all countries of the world that women are exposed to all kinds of violence and injustice, so we conclude that these policies that are applied to women are to prevent them from obtaining their rights, and that they are always subjected to the male mentality.

Women have the largest share of Turkish violations; displacement, rape, and murder, especially those who were displaced outside Syria such as Turkey and were exploited (slavery with the aim of sexual exploitation) and underage marriage, so how can it be explained?

Syria is one of the countries in which women have been subjected to violence, especially in light of the outbreak of the Syrian revolution from 2011 until now, and women have been exploited a lot in the revolution because society has fallen captive to the concept of the mercenary groups that have emerged, whose mentality relies on extremism and sexual slavery, and to establish their society, these extremist groups targeted the women’s will in the first place, so thousands of women were killed, raped, stoned, and exploited for the continuation of their heinous acts in society.

The city of Şengal was an important example of this, as we saw with our own eyes what happened to thousands of women, and we can conclude that the struggle between women and men that lasted for 5,000 years and the entitlements that women took during the Rojava revolution aimed at avenging the women’s will by the target of Şengal women.

That is why Syria has also not been spared from these violations. On the one hand, the freedom revolution, led by women with the character of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), and the building of a revolution for freedom, joined by thousands of women seeking freedom, in addition to that, cases of violence and the killing of women appeared as a war against the women’s freedom revolution.

In the same context, the women who have been subjected to violence, have experienced the ravages of war and have fled from the reality of war, in particular to Turkey, we see that they have been enslaved and exploited as if they were a commodity, as thousands of women reside in the Turkish camps for displaced Syrians and are exposed to violence and all kinds of injustice.

Today, we find that women in Syria are exposed to violence and are married at a young age. The issue of women’s freedom is an international issue because when women try to free themselves from slavery, they are exposed to violence and insults in all different ways, especially in countries that have experienced the scourges of war.

A malicious, transparent and systematic policy is applied to women to break their freedom and obliterate their identity in order not to be able to reach their goal, and to destroy the principles of society by breaking the will of the women, so women are in a great and continuous struggle to confront this mentality.

In Turkey, there has been an increase in the number of murders against women by their families, the rape of children and young women by police officers of the Turkish government; however, these crimes have not been punished, but on the contrary, the rapist is released and married, so what is Turkey’s intention behind these policies?

The Turkish state is an occupying state that we can call it this way, since from the era of the Ottomans and to this day Turkey is known for its occupation of the regions of the Middle East, with the personality of women, so Turkey tries to show itself that it is one of the most democratic countries, and it tries to promote to join the European Union, but its methods differ from that. During the era of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government, it is violating all laws aimed at women’s freedom.

As we see in Turkey, a Turkish officer emerged and raped a girl, waving and holding the flag of fascism in hand because Turkey is a country built on the principles and foundations of fascism, as there is no law to prosecute this officer, so strong reactions appeared by society in front of this heinous act, and unfortunately there are many among the similar cases in Kurdistan. Turkish courts are full of cases of violence against women.

We also see thousands of women in Turkish prisons who struggled for the freedom of women and represented the will of the people are suffering in Turkish prisons the most horrific types of torture and violence, as we witness, on a daily basis, women who lose their lives as a result of torture and start hunger strikes campaigns, the last of which is the lawyer, Ebro Timtek who resisted for more than two hundred days in the face of the Turkish fascism.

Turkey applies its policy to all women who are searching for freedom and trying to build a democratic system away from power and violence.

About all these practices and violations that occur against women, what is the role of international and human rights women’s organizations at this stage?

Unfortunately in the face of all these violations, injustice and violence that women are subjected to, we see that international organizations are silent, and do not rise up against these countries that try to curb women’s freedom because they serve the interests of the authoritarian states, so women must organize their own human rights institutions, develop their independent system, and to be the owner of a growing institution in front of the patriarchal system and slavery in order to put an end to this violence they face.

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