Haboon Mulla Khalil .. 2 decades of struggle

On the 23rd of last June, the Turkish occupation state targeted a civilian house in the village of Helinj southeast of Kobane by a drone, resulting in the death of 3 women, including 2 activists in the Kongra Star Coordination.

Haboon Mulla Khalil is a member of the administration for the Kongra Star in the Euphrates region, and among the activists who have been targeted..

Who is Haboon Mulla Khalil?

Haboon Mulla Khalil, the real name, Badiaa (39 years old), was born in the village of Bandar west of the city of Kobane, in a family consisting of 9 young brothers and 12 daughters, and Haboon was the middle sister who was brought up within a national struggling family, her origins came from the village of Helinj located southeast of Kobane.

Haboon studied at Bandar village school until she reached the eighth grade, and because of the family’s poor living situation, she abandoned her studies and worked in agriculture alongside her brothers and her father to support her family.

Ramadan Mulla Khalil, the father of the “martyr Haboon” says: “From a young age, she had a bold personality, high morals and strength among her brothers and daughters. She taught her brothers the patriotism and morals, and managed the house affairs in our absence despite her young age. She worked alongside me in the land and cultivation of cotton.”

In 1999, Haboon began her struggle for the woman and the leader, affected by the international conspiracy that was hatched against the leader Abdullah Ocalan and his captivity in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, after he was chased for months amid international silence.

Ramadan Mulla Khalil continued: “During her struggle, a great controversy occurred between us, but in the end, Haboon confirmed: “You will be proud of me,” and with these words, she began her journey in the organizational work within the community in Rojava.

He added: “I am proud of my daughter because she struggled a lot for the oppressed woman and for the resistant peoples despite her cancer, and she did not hesitate to work and spread the thought of the leader.”

Haboon, the combatant women in the historic resistance

After the attack launched by ISIS on the city of Kobane on the 15th of September 2014, the martyr Haboon joined the ranks of the Women Protection Units (YPJ), and took the front trenches to confront the mercenaries, fought and resisted alongside her comrades, set heroic epics, and broke the thorn of ISIS and its advocators in the city of resistance (Kobane).

Ramadan Mulla Khalil, Haboon’s father, recalls excerpts from the words of the fighter Haboon in Kobane resistance, saying: “One time I contacted Haboon on the phone, she and her companions with four of her brothers were besieged. She said to me that they are besieged in Berkel hill south of Kobane, and said that she will carry out a self-sacrifice operation so that they will not be captured by the mercenaries, but after three hours, she called me again and said that her comrades were able to break the siege and became safe.”

Haboon had a spirit of resistance and high spirits in the battles, according to one of her companions who participated with her in the battles, Hevi Mohamed Ali from the village of Helinj. She adds: “Haboon was a strong fighter on the fronts, she participated in the battle to liberate Kobane, began organizing the people after the liberation of the city, and provided a lot of aid to the people of Kobane whose homes were damaged in the war.”

Hevi describes the personality of the martyr Haboon, saying: “She was calm, modest and affectionate. Although her health condition has deteriorated in recent years, her struggle for women has not stopped. She worked day and night for the sake of developing the women’s thought and promote it to a high level, which motivated her to demand their rights and to prove their existence.”

The struggler Haboon’s corpse was bid farewell along with her fellow fighter, Zahra Berkel, and the mother, Amina Wessi, at the Martyr Dijla Cemetery in a solemn ceremony.

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