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Sara org: Women’s organizations must enter the occupied areas and monitor the status of women

This came in a written statement to the public opinion.

To public opinion:

The crimes of the Turkish occupation and the extremist factions loyal to it continue against civilians in general and women in particular, as the documented crimes and violations of human rights and women show the inhuman and brutal extent and systematic violence against women under the occupation, despite the issuance of UN Resolution 1325 by the United Nations, which provides for the protection of women and children and stop the violations against them.

Since the Turkish invasion of the cities and regions of northern Syria, the series of crimes and violations has deepened further, and the operations of displacement, kidnapping, murder, rape and extortion have made the lives of civilians in grave danger, and opened the door to unprecedented violent crimes. According to the report issued by the Human Rights Organization in Afrin – Syria, fifty women were documented killed by the Turkish state and its jihadist militias in Afrin, from 20 January 2018 to June 2020.

We, in the Sara Organization for Combating Violence against Women, follow the situation of women in the occupied territories with great fear and caution, because crimes and violations are increasing on a daily basis, so we strongly condemn and denounce these crimes and violations.

We also deplore the international silence regarding these crimes, and we call on international women’s organizations to play their role in exposing these violations. We also demand that humanitarian organizations be allowed to enter the occupied areas and closely monitor the situation, and the formation of a committee to investigate the facts and hold the perpetrators accountable. “

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