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Kongra Star: We to open file to hold accountable culprits against women

The victim (R, M), 19, was shot two days ago by a Kalashnikov in her house in the “Butan Sharqi” neighborhood of Kobani, which left her life.

In this regard, the Kongra Star in the Euphrates region issued a statement to public opinion, rejecting the policies of authoritarian masculine mentality and calling for the prosecution of women’s killers.

The text of the Kongra Star statement:

The goal of the Kongra Star since its inception was to organize women and defend their historical, cultural, economic, and political gains, as they fought against the mentality of power and male mentality, but unfortunately, despite this struggle and its resistance that has become famous throughout the world, it is still women are subjected to murder, kidnapping, violence, and various types of attacks and violence.

Yesterday, at the Citadel of Resistance, the symbol of the resistance of the struggling woman, and once again, Ruwaida Sheikh Hamo was killed by her family brutally and out of morals on the day of Eid al-Adha, which is known as the Day of Love and Reconciliation, where they turned this holiday into a day of killing and male power against women, on Although the Rojava Revolution is known as the Women’s Revolution, and the 21st century is the century of women, they do not want to eliminate the mentality established by authoritarian regimes, and for this they fight women violently.

The masculine mentality that hosts a woman, attacks her values and her struggle for freedom and equality, and fights her strength in the name of protecting honor, traditions, and tribalism. She tries to kill the will of women through what is called washing shame and honor.

Therefore, we in the organization of women in the Euphrates region accuse fascist mentality, male power, and authoritarianism, especially the policies of dirty authoritarian regimes against women, that they always strive to keep them as slaves, without will, and without hope, and we reject these policies, and we will open the file of killing women, We demand the relevant and responsible authorities to hold accountable and prosecute the killers of women, and all women must unite against the killing of women and escalate their struggle against the policies of authoritarian regimes.

In the end, our appeal to Kobani community, and the institutions concerned, not to be stand idly against murders committed women, because authoritarian mentality, especially the mentality of the Turkish state, is trying, through killing women, to undermine the revolution of Rojava, known as the revolution of women, that is why everyone should not be silent about the murders of women. “

The statement ended with slogans, “Women are life and freedom, not to kill women.”

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