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KJK: Struggle for freedom, against genocide must be escalated

This came, in a written statement to public opinion by the sixth anniversary of the Şengal massacre.


At the beginning, the statement, KJK recalled the martyrs of the massacre of the third of August 2014, and said, “The third of August entered in the list of massacres in history as a massacre against women, and August 3rd will not be forgotten by our Yezidi community and the people of the region and all of humanity, where thousands of people were exterminated because of their religious beliefs and national identity under the eyes and ears of the world. Thousands of Yezidi women were sold in slave markets and were assaulted, raped and killed by these mercenary monsters, and the fate of thousands of them is still unknown.


We will not forget those who surrendered Şengal to these mercenary and occupier mercenaries at the time and fled. After the occupation, the popular resistance began led by the guerrillas forces to liberate Şengal, which is full of massacres. The struggle has turned into a great struggle for the protection and self-determination and the management of a free Şengal, as we strongly condemn once again the occupation of ISIS mercenaries for Şengal and the massacres against its people.


“We demonstrate our position once again to build a free Middle East led by women through an organized struggle against the backward mentality of the occupiers and rapists, and we hope to succeed and prove this claim. The personality of women in the twenty-first century is constantly evolving, so we women must change this mentality. The struggle of women will triumph everywhere, and the struggle for democratic self-management and recognition of a free form must be intensified, and there is not much left for freedom. ”


The third of August should be declared as genocide and annihilation date of women


“Women must be more organized, more widespread on the basis of self-defense, and play their more powerful leadership role in order to build protection for themselves and achieve the democratic nation, and in order to accept the massacre of August 3 as the day of” genocide and annihilation of women “internationally,” the statement added. The struggle must be escalated, and on this basis, leader Ocalan describes the Yazidi people as one of the oldest societies in history. ”


The statement called on all peoples and all women to carry out the wide and effective activities commemorating the Şengal massacre on the third of August in all arenas and with deliberate plans “against the truth of the genocide, and against the day of genocide and the annihilation of women.”



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