Ghazi: Turkish constitution needs real activation to conunter violence against women

The talk of the feminist and social activist, Duaa Ghazi, came in a special meeting with our agency, regarding the escalating violence against women politicians and activities in the field of freedom and democracy in Turkey and within the occupied areas in Syria.

The Index of Freedoms in Turkey has ranked second among the most deteriorating countries in the last ten years. According to the latest version of the annual assessment of basic freedoms for 2020, issued by the American human rights organization, Freedom House.

The report classified that Turkey is a non-free country, as it retreated by 31 points within 10 years, recording the second largest decline in freedoms after Burundi, which fell by 32 points to be the largest decline in the past decade.

Killing of women increased by 75% during Erdogan’s rule

Ghazi said that the male community does not attach importance to the role of women, and she said: “Even if it is at the expense of the suffering of women, where the statistics of the (We will Stop Killing Women) concerned with violent crimes against women uncovered  that the women murdering increased in the 5 years of Erdogan’s rule by 75%. In recent months, the Turkish police arrested two teachers during their participation in protests against the arbitrary violations of the AKP’s government against the teachers in trying to pressure the application of the Istanbul Convention, It is a treaty of the European Council to fight violence against women and domestic violence from 2004, the signatory countries committed to creating conditions for fighting violence against women.

Ghazi explained: “Therefore, silencing the women does not take place through arrests and violations. There are other feminist voices that will demand the activation of the law that guarantees their protection.”

Campaigns for equality oppose Turkish politics

The feminist and social activist in the United States, explained that the Turkish minister stated that women are the most opposed to their policy, after campaigning by women’s rights organizations and feminist organizations for gender equality and denouncing domestic violence.

Some activists believe that the rights of Turkish women have declined in the era of Erdogan due to incidents of rape and violence against them under the title (Marry your rapist).

Ghazi noted: “Many women were terrified of this decision that takes back women’s rights to the fifties. They added that this terrifying law would be an excuse to release hundreds of men who were sentenced for rape, from this, the Turkish minister’s statement came that women are more opposed to their policy. “

Although women participate in all fields of like in Turkey, the Turkish government does not seek to solve women’s problems such as marriage of minors and domestic violence, as well as the parliament’s refusal to discuss them from the ground up especially since women in Turkey play a valuable role within the central and parliamentary institutions today.

The Turkish constitution needs a real activation to stand against child abuse

And about the Turkish soldier’s assault on the 14-year-old girl in Şîrnex that sparked popular anger, Ghazi said: “Controlling such cases needs cultural and societal and educational awareness where women and youth are educated about the dangers of rape, and how to defend themselves. Women’s rights organizations  play a major role through the activities that women offer to denounce stolen rights as well, as they previously contributed to major campaigns against Turkish law that allowed a rapist to marry his victim and the perpetrator was exempt from punishment.

As for Turkish law, Turkey has witnessed repeated cases of sexual harassment of women and children, electronic extortion, and intentional killing. The decisions issued by the Criminal Court in recent months found that 995 of the 1,000 cases in a month, are related to sexual exploitation of children and family violence. Most women are killed by the husband or lover, and according to a UN report, about 38% of Turkish women are subjected to sexual assault and exploitation despite the fact that the Turkish constitution protects women from these acts, but it needs real activation for not tolerating such issues.

What is happening in the occupied territories is similar to the massacres of the Ottomans against the Armenians

On the violations against women in the occupied areas by the Turkish state,Ghazi explained: “The Turkish forces violations against the Syrians in the areas of Afrin, Azaz, Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain are a great tragedy.”

Ghazi said: “Today, these regions need tangible international intervention before a massacre similar to the massacres of the Armenians occurred by the Turkish state the girl in the rule of the Ottomans, during and after the First World War that killed nearly a million Armenians, which became a black history that is difficult to forget. So the residents of these areas were abandoned from their homes and the other part is subject to violations and arrests, and it was not limited to men only, but even women and more women rights organizations closed their doors there due to the current conditions, and women became trapped in the homes lacking the simplest aspects of daily life hoping for quick solutions to protect their families and children.

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