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Organizing women in PYD’s establishes its council during its first conference

Today, the Young Woman in the Democratic Union Party held their first foundational conference with the participation of 150 delegates from al-Jazeera, the Euphrates, and Afrin regions in the Labor Union in Rumilan town of Qamishlo canton.

Representatives of the Kongra Star, the Women’s Council of the Democratic Union Party and the Young Women Union attended the conference.

After a minute of silence, Fawza Youssef, the Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party’s Executive Body delivered a speech in which she congratulated the Young Woman within PYD on the conference and said: “With the struggle of the young people, the Rojava Revolution rose up and was the forefront of organizing society, and thanks to the resistance of the youth, we triumphed against all military, political and economic attacks.”

She added: “The July 19th Revolution started with the spirit of the youth who rejected the authoritarian mentality that stifled the ideology of the youth, especially the women who with their free thought, the revolution that calls for justice, freedom and humanity established.”

On the challenges facing the youth and their revolution, Fawza Youssef said: “With the aim of obliterating the identity of the peoples in northern and eastern Syria, the enemy uses all means to strike the gains of this revolution, especially by targeting the youth to strike the engine, gains, and values ​​of society. In turn, the youth must organize, arm themselves with free thought, and spread the ideology of the democratic nation among the components of the region, including Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs, and other components because it is the only way to distance the enemy’s plans and protect the revolution in northern and eastern Syria.”

Fawza Youssef concluded her speech saying: “So we hope that this conference will be a way to better organize the youth, especially the young women, so that we can establish our struggling strength and stand up to the attacks and challenges that are being waged on society and the youth, and to preserve our revolution that triumphed with the blood of the martyrs.”

This was followed by reading the PYD’s organizational report for the Young Woman and discussion on it by the attendees.

Then, a short film was presented about the role of young women in organizing society. After that, elections were held and 13 members were elected for the Young Woman Council in the PYD.

The conference activities concluded by issuing several decisions and future plans for the work of the Young Women Council, as follows:

Carrying out activities and events for the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Organizing all young women to combat violence against killing, abuse and underage marriage.

Working to spread awareness and distance of youth from special methods of warfare.

Standing against the Turkish occupation and supportive countries of Turkey by spreading the principles of the revolutionary people’s war to liberate all lands that are under the Turkish occupation.

The work and struggle to motivate and encourage young women to enter political arenas.

The work on starting training courses to educate young women in all aspects, whether practical or intellectual.

Supporting young women to play their role in culture and art, as well as being in their own color in sports.

  Forming a media committee and training it on media work.

Young women should play the leading role in spreading the ideology of the democratic nation.

The young women organization of themselves in the economic field and projects, and working to develop them.

The young women should organize themselves at the level of all of Syria.

In order to protect the homeland and society, the young women must join the ranks of the Women Protection Units (YPJ).

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