The July 19 revolution achieved many accomplishments in building the true social essence

Samar is the joint of Al-Hassakah province in Al-Jazeera

Our people rose up on July 19th, crying out loudly, rejecting injustice. The voice of the peoples’ revolution will not be removed from existence, the bells of freedom will ring to call for justice and the continuation of life. This revolution, which started from Kobani to Afrin, Derek and Amouda, reaching all regions, changed the region’s balance and was like an earthquake that shook the throne of the enemies of the peoples ’freedom. The July 19 revolution achieved many accomplishments in terms of building the true societal essence. The self-management project that was able to resurrect life in all its components was to express itself freely and work to manage its affairs as the citizen had the opportunity to manage his affairs himself in a unique experience. To implement direct democracy, by forming communes, councils and institutions were built one after the other, and the most important step is the inclusion of women in councils and the application of the joint presidency system, as they joined the revolution with a guerrilla spirit and broke the bonds of slavery, achieved many achievements and played an important role in the YPJ military ranks and demonstrated It is a fundamental force and the Rojava people have given the entire world lessons in leading the revolution.


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