​​​​​​​Othman: Turkey should release detained women immediately

The Turkish police arrested as usual a number of people, after the morning raids and searches carried out on Tuesday 14 July in the city of Amed and its environs.

Among them (spokesperson for the Free Women Movement, Aisha Kokan, spokesperson for the Mesopotamia Platform for Women Journalists, editor at Jin News, Aisha Konai, Co-chair of the Association for the Support of Families of Detainees, Rabia Atash, member of the Municipal Council of Zaran Panaire Glick, activist Zakia Kollar and former Co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party in Yeni Shaheir, Dimet Ozkaran, in addition to Vikan Akti, Ronda Batt, Rosrine Gatac, Amina Kaya, Dilan Yakut, and another woman named Kunch, and many other women. The police also raided the homes of each of the officials of the Association for Supporting Families of the Detainees of Har Ak Yapı and Co-chair of the HDP, Hatun Yildiz.

According to information, the arrested women were transferred to the city’s security service.

In this regard, the head of the Newroz Kurdish Association in Lebanon, Hanan Othman, told our agency, “Hawar News”, that this is not the first or last time that Turkish security forces have stormed the homes of dozens of Kurdish women and activists in the Free Women Movement (TJA) in Amed, and under excuses and flimsy arguments, far from international and even national laws and regulations. “

Othman pointed out that these systematic attacks by the Justice and Development Party government on the Kurdish people in Bakûr of Kurdistan in general, and Kurdish women in particular, are nothing more than a continuation of the policy of extermination and physical and cultural denial that the Turkish state has pursued for decades.

She emphasized that AKP targeted women active in the first place, because it fears free political women with a strong will and awareness. Fascism is a unit of political arrests and violations by the AKP government.

She concluded her statement by saying, “We, the women activists in Lebanon, condemn and denounce these arrests, unlawful attacks and raids on Kurdish women activists, and we demand their immediate release.”

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