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Free Woman Movement condemns Turkish authorities’ campaign against women

This morning, the Turkish police raided a number of houses in the city center and its environs, arrested a number of women journalists and activists, and they were transferred to the city’s security department.

In this regard, the Free Women Movement (TJA) issued a statement saying: “The events taking place in Turkey through the ruling of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement Party, stem from the same policy that aims to occupy, as the policies that aim to occupy and anti-women and their rights ones have increased during this rule tenfold.

During these 18 years of AKP rule, more policies were developed to violate women’s rights than ever before, and corrupt AKP policies resulted in the arrest, trial, murder, harassment, and rape of thousands of women.

The police raided the home of our interim spokeswoman Aisha Gokhan at dawn today, and arrested dozens of our activists.

We in the Free Woman Movement condemn this attitude that stems from the mentality of the occupier, and we know that the occupying forces (the Justice and Development Party and the AKP-MHP) want to suppress and break the political and social power in the person of the woman.

Everyone should know well, especially the occupation authorities of the Justice and Development Party – the National Movement Party, that the women of the Free Women Movement (TJA) will not bow before their fascist mentality, we will strengthen our struggle and assure the release of our movement’s spokeswoman Aisha Gokhan and all the activists. ”

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