​​​​​​​Political activists: Targeting women will not affect our struggle

The speech of female political activists came within the reactions denouncing the practices of the Turkish occupier and its targeting of women.

The Member of the Women’s Office of the Future Syria Party (FSP), Suhaila Brim, said: The Turkish state’s goals are occupation, demographic change, and targeting of peoples, as it did in Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê.

On the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation army against women, Suhaila reported that what the Turkish state is doing against women violates the right of the entire society, and targeting 3 women in Helinj village in Kobane canton aimed at breaking the will.

In turn, the Member of the Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), Hanaa Ahmed, indicated that what Turkey is doing in Syria are terrorist acts, and she said: “Turkey is carrying out terrorist acts in the occupied regions, such as displacement, killing, destruction, kidnapping and torture, targeting women. Moreover, the massacre committed agaisnt the three women is evidence that Turkey is afraid of the women’s free will.”

The Member of the Syrian Women Council Office, Amna Khedr, condemned the massacre committed against the three women, and said: “These attacks will not affect the struggle of women, and we will continue our knowledge and struggle until we achieve our goals. We, the women, appeal to feminist organizations to stand up to the Turkish violations of women’s rights in Syria.”

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