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Women’s Administration in al-Raqqa: Our condemned activities continue until occupation is ended

The Women’s Administrative Member in the city of al-Raqqa Zuleikha Abdi said that the people’s participation in the activities of the sit-in tent condemning the attacks of the Turkish occupation showed the extent of their rejection of Turkey’s policies, and confirmed that they will continue their various activities in the city until the end of the occupation.


The Women’s Administration in the city of al-Raqqa works through the activities to raise the voice of women and activate a real feminist participation, as these activities showed the awareness of al-Raqqa woman, especially their rejection of regional interference in the Syrian affairs.


The Women’s Administration launched a campaign to hold events denouncing the practices of the Turkish occupation against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria and the negative phenomena in society, as the sit-in tent was installed on June 27 in the city of al-Raqqa and lasted for several days.


In this regard, the Women’s Administrator in the city of al-Raqqa Zuleikha Abdi evaluated in an interview with our agency ANHA the activities of women in al-Raqqa and its countryside, and she said that the large participation of the segments of society in the tent showed the awareness among the people, and their belief in the close link between the political situation and the reality of life caused by regional interventions. They also demonstrated the unity of the popular demands with their participation and condemnation against these violations.


Zuleikhah Abdi also indicated that the campaign launched by the Women’s Administration in al-Raqqa under the slogan “With Our Moral, We Promote and Eliminate Corruption” continues with the persistence of negative social phenomena in the Syrian society, especially terrorism which has become the main node facing Syria alongside the phenomena of underage marriage and corruption.


Our activities programs are ongoing


About the programs and events set by women coordinators in al-Raqqa and its countryside, Zuleikha Abdi revealed that they will continue their activities; training women on arms for self-defense, theatrical performances of cultural committees, displaying documentary films and paintings drawn by women, which expose the Turkish state’s crimes against women in the occupied regions, especially the regions of northern and eastern Syria.


In addition, the women of al-Raqqa will send a message to the international coalition to refuse the extension of the Turkish occupation since there is a new threat against our regions by waving Erdogan the Milli Pact which gives him the right to annex these areas to his colonial state.


In addition, there will be a visit by the women of al-Raqqa to the center of the Syrian Democratic Forces, deliver the demands of women to the forces and support them, in addition to holding mass meetings to explain the political conditions that will carry in its content how the Turkish state uses water as a weapon against the revolution in northern and eastern Syria and about the repercussions of Caesar’s Act to the violations committed against women, issuing statements of women jurists and lawyers rights, and organizing rallies.


At the end, the Women’s Administrator in al-Raqqa Zuleikha Abdi sent a message to al-Raqqa women, the people, and all the women of the region about the need for support and solidarity to deter the Turkish occupation from our regions.



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