Shiraz Hamo: Women of world must unite their visions, support NE Syria revolution

In a meeting with our agency, the Co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of Afrin region Shiraz Hamo stated that the policy of the Turkish occupation shows its endeavor to implement the Mulli Charter.

A civilian home in Helinj village, southeast of Kobane, was bombed by a Turkish drone, killing 3 women among them two members of the Kongra Star Coordination.

Shiraz Hamo reported that the countries that try to impose their hegemony on a region initially target the will of society, especially if it is an organized society.

She added: The occupation is trying to apply this hegemony over women in northern and eastern Syria to impose its control on their will because they played a major role in the revolution, and relied on the principle of common organization between Arab, Syriac, and Assyrian women and all women who struggle under the shadow of the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

Shiraz noted that “whoever fought the greatest enemy of the people in the twenty-first century are the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), as women worked to take their role in foreign political conferences, so the occupation tries by all means to target the strong point in every revolution, believing that by targeting the entrepreneurial and vanguard women for revolutions like the struggler Hevrin Khalaf who managed to develop the political movement, it will be able to defeat us.”

Kobane .. a lump remaining in the throat of the Turkish state

About targeting the Turkish occupation of Helinj village, Shiraz Hamo, said “Kobane, in which Arin Merkan ignited the revolution and won, will remain a lump in the throat of the Turkish state, and therefore bombed it again, targeting 3 vanguard women to the Kongra Star, and its actions show that it is afraid of the power and organization of women that made it a reference for all women of the world.”

At the end of her speech, Shiraz called on all women to unify their visions and support women in northern and eastern Syria, called on international organizations to break their silence and put an end to the policies applied by the Turkish occupation against the Kurdish people, and pledged to follow the footsteps of the three martyrs.

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