​​​​​​​Halabja: We feel sorry for silence over targeting parts of Kurdistan and women

On Tuesday, June 23, the Turkish occupation planes targeted a civilian house in the village of Helenj of Kobani canton which resulted in the death of two members of the Kongra Star Coordination.

In this regard, our news agency conducted a meeting with the lawyer and political activist from Başûr (South of Kurdistan), Siroush Halabja, who first offered condolences to the families of the martyrs, Zahra Barkal and Hiboun Mulla Khalil, Amina Wessi, and to the martyrs of Sulaimaniyah and  .

On the ongoing Turkish occupation attacks on the four parts of Kurdistan, Siroush said: “Erdogan is a murderer and suffers from phobia against the Kurdish people. His recent attacks on Kobani and Sulaimaniya are a message to Kurdish politicians, forces, and the Kurdish people in particular that Erdogan will not hesitate to commit mass killing as well genocide on the Kurds“.

She pointed out that Turkey is suffering from an economic crisis. Therefore, it is heading to neighboring countries to cover up its internal crises.

Halabja indicated in her speech that the Kurds of today are not of yesterday. They made the decision to struggle for their rights. They made and will make great sacrifices, as they saved the world from the threat of ISIS.

She regretted the international , Iraq and the Kurdistan region silence and said, “The common interests of the Iraqi state, and the Kurdistan region was a reason for not making any vote regarding the bombing of populated areas, with knowledge of Turkey’s penetration of the sovereignty of the Iraqi state. The Iraqi constitution stipulates the refusal of the aggressors to attack the borders of their neighbors, but they have not preserved these provisions, and the KRG and some political parties have interests with Turkey. They are not concerned with wasting the blood of the Kurdish people.

Halabja considered that the unification of Kurdish speech and opinion in all parts of Kurdistan is the solution to repel these attacks, because the Kurdish people will win with their unity. Kurdish women have a history of victories Soroush mentioned that Kurdish women have a history of victories and struggle against a dictatorial mentality, such as Leila Qassem, Biritan, Barin, and Avista Khabour, the struggles who fought for the freedom of women, and did everything in their power in their duties. She added: History will not forget the Kurdish woman who fought ISIS, and avenged all women, especially Yezidis, so the Turkish state aims mainly to fight against organized women such as politicians, jurists, and civil activists.

Soroush called on all women to rise up against the practices that are being done against them, and to fight the Turkish occupier, and to be of strong will, determination, and determination while she is being killed, kidnapped, and abused.

And human rights activist and political activist Roche Halabja vowed at the end of her speech to follow the path of martyrs and escalate the struggle in the face of Turkish injustice and colonialism.

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