Yemeni activist: Turkey targets activists in Syria, Yemen; we will not allow its project to be passed

Al-Jarawi” indicated in a special statement to Hawar news agency ANHA that the ISIS and al-Houthi militias funded by Turkey and Iran directly target women to recruit women and exploit them in the jihad of marriage, pointing out that all terrorist organizations have one side of the same coin.

The Yemeni human rights activist revealed that Turkey started exploiting human rights activists and politicians in Yemen to support Erdogan’s violations in the region and destroy our homeland from within, such as Tawakkol Karman and others.

The Yemeni human rights activist pointed out that Turkey’s violations against women activists and women in general are no longer limited to Syria only, but also extended to Yemen and a number of Arab countries, demanding Syrian women in general, and Kurdish women in particular to continue their struggles against the terrorist militias affiliated with Turkey.

Nora” called on the international community to put an end to Turkish interference in the region, protect women from continuous and deliberate Turkish targets, eradicate Erdogan’s ambitions in the region and eliminate his alleged dream of restoring the Ottoman caliphate.

At the end of the statement, Yemeni human rights activist Nora al-Jarawi said, “The Turks should focus on their internal affairs, and their poor economic conditions instead of their desperate attempts to occupy the Arab world and seize its wealth,” stressing that the Arab countries will not remain silent on Turkish support for terrorism.

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