​​​​​​​Nalin Mohammed: The more women are organized, they are targeted

The violations carried out by the Turkish state with its mercenaries in the regions of northern and eastern Syria are increasing day by day before an international silence. On the 23rd of June, drones of the Turkish state bombed Helinj village in Kobane canton, killing three women activists.

In this context, the political activist Nalin Mohammed told our agency: “Since the beginning of the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, the Turkish state has been the most of the countries that occupies and violates human rights and women’s in particular.”

She added: “From the beginning to this day, the ruling countries have been targeting women in particular, and violating their rights. The Turkish occupation targets women in northern and eastern Syria because they follow the project of the democratic nation, and it is known that society is liberated through free women.”

Targeting women is evidence of the occupier’s policy towards women

Nalin said that the ruling countries are afraid of the emancipation of women, so they practice violations and attacks against them to obliterate the culture and identity of the woman who sought and resisted at all levels. She continued: “The Turkish state targeted the General Secretary of the Future Syria Party Hevrin Khalaf, the mother Aqida and Ammara, and this is evidence of the occupation’s brutality and policy towards women. The more women are strong, the more attacks will be launched against them.”

Nalin stated that the aggression that took place a few days ago in the village of Helinj in Kobane canton mainly targeted women. Those women were only activists and did not carry arm, but defended the oppressed women’s rights.

Nalin Mohammed said: “No matter how the Turkish occupation tries to break the will of the free women in northern and eastern Syria through its brutal attacks, it does not constitute any impact on them because they proved their existence through their struggle.”

Nalin said: “The attacks and violations against women are occurring not only on the level of northern and eastern Syria, but on all the women of the world.”

Nalin Mohammed made it clear that they proved their presence in the revolution, and they will not be vulnerable to the brutal attacks that come by the Turkish occupation, but they are increasing strength at all levels. At the end of the conversation, she called on all women in the world to demand their presence.

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