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​​​​​​​Statement issued by Astana summit is direct threat to destabilize Syrian regions’ security, stability

The Women Council in North and East Syria issued a written statement to the public opinion regarding the final statement of Astana sixth summit.

The text of the statement:

“The issuance of the final statement of the Astana sixth summit in the most critical stage of the Syrian crisis and the most severe impact on the Syrian people whose suffering doubled by Caesar Act is considered a dangerous escalation of its decisions and outputs issued by the meeting of the presidents of Iran, Turkey and Russia on the first of July 2020 at a time when these countries concerned with the Syrian issue had to find the appropriate way to ease the impact of economic sanctions on the Syrian people in all its spectra. The statement contained items to say the least that they will not contribute to solving the Syrian crisis, but rather complicate it in light of the tone of the threat.

The decisions issued by this tripartite summit reflect the agreement between the three countries Russia, Turkey and Iran in light of the regional occupations of the Syrian regions, including the Turkish occupation that violated the sovereignty of an independent state like Syria under false pretexts that are not related to the truth, and the factions associated with it practice violations and war crimes as happens in Afrin, Ras al-Ain, and Tel Abyad, legitimizing the Turkish occupation and the turkification policies that are applied and linking these areas to the Turkish state through clear separatist measures represented by raising the Turkish flag, trading the Turkish currency instead of the Syrian pound, and erasing the identity of its original people. Russia and the International Coalition will bear the responsibility of any new attack on the areas of northern and eastern Syria.

The experience of the Democratic Autonomous Administration witnessed in the regions of northern and eastern Syria which women deservedly led and managed to protect from persistent threats such as the threat of terrorism represented by ISIS, its continued struggle to spread democratic values ​​in society and promote civil peace among the components, and that the interconnection and trust shown among the people of this region are evidence of its strength and a guarantee of its continued existence and standing in the face of any aggression, which is a threat to the fascist mentality of the Turkish state which always tries to eliminate the unique democratic experience and has worked to carve out parts of the Syrian regions starting from Jarabulus and al-Bab, Azaz to Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. The agreement of these countries, including Russia which represents the Syrian regime is a dangerous indication of the loss of independence of the decision of the Syrian state which still retains its legitimacy in the international community.

We ,in the Women Council of in North and East Syria, denounce the issuance of such decisions and call on the international community to stand up to the direct and hidden threats that were included in the language of statement, as it is an indication of discord and an attempt to destabilize security and stability in the Syrian regions in general and the regions of north and east Syria in particular. We also condemn persistently the position of the Syrian state to condone and keep silent towards the violation of its sovereignty by regional states at the expense of the interests of their people, territorial integrity and national security, and call on the Syrian people with all components, organizations and all women’s organizations to unite to confront the plots against the Syrian people that aim at perpetuating its division and separation according to the decisions it issued. “

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