Jalalian in danger, humanitarian organizations should monitor prison conditions

Zainab Jalalian, a political activist, was born in Mako Roghalat (East Kurdistan) in 1982. She was a member of the Kurdistan Life Organization “Bigak”.

Zainab Jalalian defied all the immoral and inhuman policies adopted against the identity of the Kurdish woman and  people in general by the Iranian state. She loved Kurdistan and resisted for its Cause, and adopted the slogan (Resistance, Resistance and Resistance).

In 2008, Jalaliyan was arrested by the Iranian intelligence agencies on charges of terrorism, and in 2009 she was sentenced to death, with the intervention of human rights organizations, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment with hard labor. She was placed in solitary confinement. Her family was not allowed to visit her.

Jalalian suffers from diseases such as pterygium, aphthous fever, diseases of the respiratory and intestinal tract, and high blood pressure, as a result of being tortured inside the prison. On June 20, she was infected with the Coronavirus after being transferred on May 21 from “Khoy” detention center in Urmia province to “Qarjak” detention center near Tehran.
Consequently, Jalalian announced the hunger strike that entered its 11th day. Many detainees participated in the hunger strike, including the lawyer, “Suhaila Hijab”.

In this regard, our news agency correspondents met with Avin Sweid, spokesperson for the Kongra Star in NE Syria, and Avin Jumaah, an administrator in human rights organization in Al-Jazeera region, where they highlighted the Iranian authorities’ violations against politicians and women in particular.

Violations increase with increasing frequency of resistance

The spokesperson for the Kongra Star in NE Syria, Sweid, showed that history has recorded many violations of women.

She pointed to the direct proportionality between the resistance and struggle of the Kurdish people and women, and the violations of the dictatorial regimes. “Abuses are increasing day by day in all parts of Kurdistan in a brutal and barbaric manner, with the increase in resistance and struggle with the start of the July 19 revolution in northeast of Syria, which has been able to bring the voice of people, especially women, to world public opinion.

She explained: The reason for targeting of women is that it has become a symbol of Rojava Revolution and the brotherhood of peoples. It has been able to highlight the reality of women’s leadership in political, diplomatic and military terms. These attacks aim to break the free will of the woman, deny her existence, and mute her voice, such as the political Hevrin Khalaf that was targeted by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state, the mother Aqidah, and the three women who were targeted by a Turkish woman in Kobani.”

In response to the stances of the Turkish foreign minister towards free and militant women in particular, the percentage of women leaders in northeast of Syria is 60% of women, ”Sweid said,“ Dictatorial regimes are fully aware that women are the organization and primary founders of the family and society. ”

Iran’s goal is to break the will and resistance of Jalalian

She  said that, despite United Nations appeals for the need to release political prisoners after the virus spread in Iran’s prisons, the Iranian authorities released detainees only on criminal charges, and excluded political detainees who demand democracy, justice and freedom of peoples such as Jalalian.
She expressed her concern over Zainab Jalalian after her hunger strike, and said that the lack of treatment allowed her to try to end her life.

She also noted, “The resistance of Kurdish women in the Middle East has frightened the occupiersof Kurdistan, so it is trying to pressure all means on women who have a future vision and free thought.”

“We are part of the resistance and struggle, we seek to communicate our voice to all women’s institutions and organizations, to take a serious stand on the violations of the Iranian authorities,” Sweid said at the end of her word.
Zainab Jalalian’s life is in danger and she is deprived of her rights

The Administrator in the Human Rights Organization for the Al-Jazeerah Region Avin Jumaah clarified that the Iranian authorities did not admit any medical assistance for Jalaliyan inside the prison, though many organizations demanded their treatment outside the prison because the coronavirus pandemic. According to human rights principles it is supposed to treat any detainee suffering from diseases that endanger his life in prisons.

She added: According to the UN human rights political, economic, social, cultural and health organization agreement, every prisoner has the right to live in a healthy condition in a well-prepared place. The prisoner cannot protect himself, but we believe that in most prisons, including Iranian prisons, these principles are not adhered to. The agreements, as evidenced by the deteriorating health status of politician Jalaliyan in Iranian prisons.

she called on to protect the rights of the political and human rights detainee Jalalian, and to reveal her health status to her family and the world, noting that “it is the responsibility of human rights organizations to communicate Jalalian’s voice to world opinion and monitor prison conditions.”

Avin concluded criticising the international silence towards the violations committed by the Iranian regime against the detainees in its prisons, and said, “The Iranian regime does not care about human rights, so how will it protect the rights of prisoners.”

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