​​​​​​​Kongra Star member: Orgs must disclose kidnapped women fate in Afrin

mercenaries have continued their violations against civilians in the Afrin canton.

Women were considerably mistreated in Afrin, where the atrocities against them increased in occupied areas in north Syria, in particular Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Tal-Abyed in practices that are not different from ISIS, the last of which is the disclosure of the presence of a group of women in the prisons of the mercenary of al-Hamzat belonging to Turkish occupation, and they were tortured on May 28.

On this, ANHA’s correspondent conducted a meeting with the member of Kongra Star in Afrin region, Suzan Mustafa, in which she talked about the violations experienced by women in occupied Afrin, and said: “The situation of women in Afrin is not different during the era of ISIS rule, because the Turkish occupation applies the same policy against women, and most of our women in Afrin resort to suicide in order to reject the injustice of the Turkish occupation.

Suzan explained that the Turkish occupation and ISIS mercenaries practice the same policy under the name of extremist Islam, and until now the fate of many of our kidnapped women is still unknown.

After declaring Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria, women were able to make progress, and were quick to organize themselves and organize their society. Therefore, when Afrin was occupied by Turkey, women were brutally targeted and deprived of their liberty, and imposed the veil on them and arrested them in prisons.”

Suzan called on women’s and human rights organizations to put pressure the Turkish government, reveal the fate of the kidnapped women and open files on the situation of women in Afrin, and in the areas occupied by the Turkish occupation.

The member of Kongra Star of Afrin region, Suzan Mustafa, concluded her speech that they are in the women’s organization in al-Shahba district, appealing to all the women of the world to rise up in the face of the Turkish occupation violations.

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