58 feminist Orgs around world sign to stop Turkish occupation’s violations on Afrin

On 26 June, the Council of Women in Northeast Syria sent an appeal to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, members of the United Nations Human Rights Council, members of the United Nations Women’s Office, the gender officer at the United Nations, Christina, and the head of the Syria Investigation Committee Paulo Pinero, the Executive Director of the United Nations Women’s Organization, Fumzili Malampo Nguca, President of the League of Arab States Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and human rights organizations.

The appeal focused on the attacks of the Turkish state and its occupation of the Syrian regions and areas of northern and eastern Syria, especially Afrin, and it contained in its content “three years have passed and Afrin city is still suffering under domination of military, cultural and economic, being implemented by Turkish state via gangs are affiliated with it under the name “Syrian National Army”, which commits  horrible crimes against civilians such as, kidnapped, killing, rape and arrest, with the aim of displacing the remaining residents after its occupation on (March 18 – 2018) and completing its plan that aims at demographic change and obliterating its identity through its mercenary factions. “

The appeal was signed by 58 civil society organizations, feminist and human rights organizations, political parties, activists and intellectuals in the world.

Signature campaign goals

In order to reveal the goals of the signature campaign, Hawar news agency ANHA correspondent met with the coordinator of the Women’s Council in Northern and Eastern Syria, Berivan Hussein, and said that the signature campaign was launched after the recent events that took place between al-Hamzat faction and al- Ghouta militants in the occupied city of Afrin, which revealed the arrest and torture of 11 women, the majority of whom are Kurds.

Berivan added: What happened in Afrin is a chain link of the Turkish occupation in which women are targeted in Afrin and the rest of the occupied Syrian cities with the aim of undermining their will and insulting their humanity and existence.

She noted that “the signature campaign lasted 10 days, during which it received a great response from many women’s organizations around the world who reject the practices and violations of Turkey against women and children.”

Berivan concluded her speech by saying, “It is our duty, as feminist organizations, to support the strong march and strong launch of women and protect them from the intellectual and physical terrorism that affects them. Women were at the forefront of the fight against destructive dark thought, and defended all of humanity.”

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