Human rights activist: Turkey’s crimes fall under war crimes against humanity

Last Tuesday, a civilian home was bombed in Helenj village, southeast of Kobani by a Turkish drone, killing 3 women.

The attack was carried under the very nose of the international community, in flagrant violation of all international covenants .

In this regard, our news agency held a meeting with the administrator of the Social Justice Council  in Al-Jazeera region, and the Center for Research and Protection of Women’s Rights Aynur Pasha, who initially offered condolences to the families of the three martyrs, and said that the provisions of international human rights and women law aim to protect the rights and dignity of the people, especially women and children during wars and conflicts.

She added: We believe that Turkey violations on the ground, without respecting  the Security Council  resolutions with the aim of creating a new map and re-influencing it as before. We are also surprised at the world silence that sponsored the Geneva and Hague Conventions, relating to women’s rights, in particular the SITA Agreement 12-13-25, and their silence on the attacks.

The United Nations turns blind eye to Turkey’s violations

“Turkey committed inhuman crimes in Afrin and Kobani. The United Nations condones it, indicating that it is satisfied with the occupation violations of targeting members of the Kongra Star and civilian women on the anniversary of  Kobani massacre on June 25, 2015, It proves that women defeated ISIS mercenaries in Kobani and broke the ambitions of the Turkish state. “

Pasha  denounced the practices of the Turkish occupier against the women and said, “These women organized themselves and stood up to injustice. They had nothing to do with wars and taking up arms. This step  perhaps fell short of the occupier, so it started targeting them.”

Aynur Pasha explained that the current violations of the occupation according to the International Criminal Court are a violation of the Geneva Conventions and fall under the category of crimes against humanity and war crimes. So the International Criminal Court is responsible for the perpetrators of these crimes.

There are laws without accountability

 Aynur Pasha said at the end of her speech that it is the world common interests open the way for Turkey’s abuses and violations that violates the international covenants without reckoning.“There are laws without accountability because the interests of states meet on the basis of the oppression of people in northeast of Syria,” she noted.

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