3rd name revealed to Turkish shelling’s victims

A house of civilians in the village of Halanji, southeast of the city of Kobani, at exactly 19:30 hours on Tuesday, was bombed by an air strike carried out by a Turkish occupation drone.

As a result of the raid, the two members of Kongra Star coordination lost their lives, whose names are: Zahra Burkal and Hebon Mull Khalil gave their lives to the side of the home owner, Amina Wessi.

And ANHA agency published yesterday evening the names of the two martyrs, Zahra and Amina, and our correspondents could not confirm the name of the third martyr (Hebon Mull Khalil) until after the information in this regard was clear.

The martyr, Hebon Mull Khalil, is a resident of the town of Binder, in Qenaia district, west of the city of Kobani.

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