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Women of NE Syria prove to be very worthy

Today, the first meeting was held in the village of Hayyah, east of the city, in the presence of members of the Women Council and dozens of women from the villages of Hayyah and Yasta.

 During the meeting, the official spokesperson for the Women Council in the Civil Administration of Manbij spoke about the injustice and oppression that they endured under the male mentality and customs throughout the history.

 Ibtisam mentioned the woman’s role in life, and said: “Woman plays a fundamental role in life, as she takes the role of the mother and father at the same time, and the woman is the basis of life, because she organizes life.”

Ibtisam added: “In our societies, woman who loses her husband or divorced is held accountable for any behavior she performs, by virtue of customs and traditions in society. Therefore, woman must be strong, and take strength from the community that surrounds her without exploiting her situation or circumstances.”

She noted that women are exposed to violence during wars and she is marginalized, but in Syria, women have become strong and defend their rights, especially in the northeast of Syria, because women in northeastern Syria have proven themselves in their participation in the military and in the administration.

Similar meetings are scheduled to take place in the city’s neighborhoods and countryside.

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