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Turkish violations to not dissuade women

Reactions against the Turkish violations and practices against the people of the region, especially women continue, and in this regard, the Kongra Star made a statement to public opinion.

The statement was made by the Administrative member Amira al-Saad who at the outset denounced the crimes committed by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation against the women of Afrin from a prisoning, kidnapping and torturing in the sight of the world.

Amira al-Saad stressed that these violations will not discourage women from confronting the occupation, “as long as these women take the spirit of resistance and challenge from the person of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

Amira al-Saad added, “We pledge to the people of Afrin to escalate the spirit of the resistance, and the methods and brutality of Turkish fascism and its mercenaries will not dissuade us. We are the echo of the Syrian north, we are the nation of freedom, the women of the revolution and the struggle, we will not abandon the issue and we will continue on the path of revolution and freedom.”

Amira al-Saad demanded at the end of the statement human rights organizations and the international community to act immediately to stop the crimes committed against the people in the occupied regions of northern and eastern Syria.

The statement ended with chanting the slogans that emphasize the resistance.

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