Kurdish MP: Women’s self-organization is upset Turkish system

Since the AKP came to power in Turkey in 2002, it has pursued a policy of hostility to women, and has passed laws that help multiply violence against them. Reports indicate that a woman is killed every 15 hours in Turkey, along with an increase in cases of domestic violence, such as rape, kidnapping and assault of women in the streets are crowded, despite the spread of police in all alleys.

The pressure on women politicians has also increased. The Justice and Development Party is afraid of women working in the political field and defending their rights, so they launch arrest campaigns almost daily against them, especially Kurdish women MPs, where the membership of Leyla Guven in the parliament has been withdrawn.

′ The dominant power fears the will of the woman ′

In this context, in this context, the HDP Parliamentary Joint Presidency and the parliament Feleknaz Ûca of Ayla city, talked to ANHA agency, and she highlighted the role that women play in society and their real reality, and the intellectual and physical attacks they are exposed to, and the male authority treats them as slaves, and said: “The The dominant power fears the will of the woman through whom society enlightens, and leads him to openness. Therefore, the primary goal of this authority is to fight women and steal their rights.

The parliamentarian focused on violence against women in Turkey and early Kurdistan, and continued, saying: “Since the Justice and Development Party came to the helm of government, it fights the will of women, as violence against women in all its forms is increasing day by day.”

′ The primary goal of the Turkish authority is to distance women from the concept of self-organization ′

She emphasized that the primary goal of the Turkish authority is to remove women from the concept of self-organization, and pointed out that this has appeared in several statements of the chairman of the Justice and Development Party that women do not have the right to anything.

Feleknaz Ûca commented on the role of women in the Justice Party, and said: “Women in the so-called Women’s Council in the Justice Party move according to the masculine mindset and implement what men dictate to them, and thus this party wants to establish a will against the free will of women.”

Feleknaz explained that a number of women who were kidnapped by ISIS mercenaries from Şengal appeared in some Turkish cities such as Ankara and Antab, and asked: How did these women reach Turkey?

The parliamentarian touched upon the conditions in which Syrian women live in the areas occupied by Turkey, and said, “What the Turkish authorities practice in the occupied areas in Syria, especially in Afrin, is not strange to their minds, so they kidnap, kill and attack women, especially minors, and deny them all their rights. Noting that the situation of women in the occupied territories is not different from that of women in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan.

Feleknaz confirmed that although Turkey signed the Istanbul Convention 2011 to protect women from domestic violence, it entered among the ten countries most exposed to cases of violence against women, especially during the proliferation of the emerging coronavirus.

She noted that there is communication between Kurdish and Turkish women, especially on issues of violence against women, as there are organizations and women’s movements that meet monthly to discuss issues of violence, noting that Turkish women derive their inspiration and strength from the will of Kurdish women, especially those who defend their rights.

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